5 Best Jennifer Lopez Tattoos That A Woman Can Try


Women love to follow the celebrity they like most. It is very often seen that a woman is following the fashion pattern of the celebrity of her choice or liking. As tattoos have become important fashion accessory for modern women it is very likely that a woman will love to wear the tattoo designs that her favorite celebrity has or once had on his or her body.

Noted singer, movie actress Jennifer Lopez is a favorite celebrity to women of all ages. Jennifer not only has a golden voice or acting talents but even at the age of mid 40s she is a style goddess to her woman fans. Jennifer Lopez or J Lo as she is called by everybody from her fans to people in media like to have different tattoo designs on her body. But J Lo never does a permanent tattoo on her body. She does a tattoo on temporary basis so that it can be removed easily and a new one can be done there. Here are 5 such tattoos (with meanings) that Jennifer Lopez has or had on her body which a woman can also try on her own body.

Below Are The 5 Best Jennifer Lopez Tattoos That A Woman Can Try:

1. Lideres Tattoo In Jennifer Lopez’s Collar Bone Area

J Lo’s latest tattoo is Lideres written on her upper chest or collar bone area. It is done in order to celebrate the release of her new video album ‘Follow the Leader” with two famous Puerto Rican singers early this year.

Lideres tattoo in Jennifer Lopez's collar bone area

2. Dragon Tattoo In J Lo’s Back

Paparazzis captured image of J Lo with big dragon in her back. Dragon is a winged mythical creature which can breath fire. Though some European countries think dragon as a malevolent beast in some Asian countries a dragon has just opposite image. To Chinese dragon is a creature that stands for wisdom, magical power, strength. Perhaps for these positive qualities J Lo has done this enormous dragon in her back.

Dragon tattoo in J Lo's back

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3. Dolphin Tattoo In Jennifer Lopez’s Shoulder

Paparazzis also captured photos of J Lo with a dolphin tattoo in shoulder. A dolphin stands for grace, free living and intelligence. That is why J Lo had done this in her shoulder.

Dolphin tattoo in Jennifer Lopez's shoulder

4. Bat Tattoo In Jennifer Lopez’s Back

A bat tattoo normally symbolizes dark things like death, vampirism. But to countries like Greece and China a bat stands for womanhood, happiness, luck and favorable fortune. Perhaps that was why J Lo  done a group of bats surrounding a wheel like design on her back once.

Bat tattoo in Jennifer Lopez's back

5. Pierced Heart Tattoo In J Lo’s Back

Jennifer Lopez had several relationship with several successful men. in 1999 she was in a relationship with singer Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs. She had a pierced heart tattoo with Puff Daddy written in the middle of it then in the back.

Pierced heart tattoo in J Lo's back

If you are really a big J Lo fan then you can choose any tattoo from this list or you can simply write her name on your body (preferable place arm) or her picture tattoo on your back.

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