5 Best Japanese Hairstyles You Must Try

Japanese Hairstyles

Japanese women have always been popular for their beautiful flawless skin and gorgeous hair. These are the two God-gifted qualities that every woman craves for!! These women use various hair styles that not just suit their hair but also complement their doll like features. In this article we will tell you about five best Japanese hairstyles.

Here Are The 5 Best Japanese Hairstyles You Must Try:

Roller Buns:

Japanese women have silky and straight hair that look best in this hairstyle. It gives a girl a trendy and funky look with a fashionable touch. You need to center partition your hair and make an untidy bun on both the sides. Women who have fringes or flicks look even prettier in this hairstyle.

Roller buns

Middle Imaginary Bouffant:

This hairstyle is often seen worn by the school girl of Japan. This hairstyle highlights the pretty side of a girl by pulling the middle of the hair to form a bouffant. All the remaining hair on the side is left loose.

Middle Imaginary Bouffant


This butterfly hairstyle is made by creating flaps. This is done by rolling hair on three sides of the head. This hairstyle is seen by many Japanese divas on ramps and has been inspired by the ancient Geisha looks. By leaving the hair in a messy style this hairstyle looks cool and modern.



The Shimada hairstyle comprises of a valuable artificial piece named as chignon which is worn by the Geishas. Geishas are renowned clans from Japan with a high status and recognition. These women are pretty, chic and elegant in looks. In this hairdo hair is collected at the crown of the head in the form of a bun. A small part of this bun is sectioned in such a way that it points in outward direction. Shimada hairstyles are worn by them in combination with beautiful accessories to enhance their charm and personality.



The Kepatsu is a very ancient Japanese hairstyle which can be seen worn on various auspicious and special occasions. This hairstyle serves as a basis to judge the class and status of a woman. This hairstyle is still prevalent in Japan only with little modifications. Kepatsu consists of a boxy bouffant that leaves only a sickle shaped edgy ponytail at the back which can be tied with a colourful ribbon.


Japanese hairstyles are a great way to portray their regional, cultural and aesthetic attributes.

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