5 Best Homemade Moisturizing Face Packs

As the ageing process becomes fast due to various factors like poor diet, lack of skin care, smoking, alcohol consumption, less water intake and exposure to heat, your skin begins to show the evidence of number of changes. In this article, we are sharing few effective face packs which are highly helpful in bringing back the glow to your skin by reducing the appearance of aging signs.

Here Are 5 Best Homemade Moisturizing Face Packs

1. Muskmelon Mask

Muskmelon is a nutritious fruit that is very effective in assuring you with a healthy and glowing skin by restoring the moisturizer of your skin. Water content is high in this amazing fruit.

Muskmelon Mask


Two tablespoons of Milk (Raw)
One Teaspoon of Honey

Process Of Preparation And Application:

Extract the pulp of muskmelon. Make two tablespoons of puree from it. Now, start adding milk and honey to this pulp. Combine these ingredients well to form a fine and smooth paste. Apply this paste as a face mask. Allow the face mask to sit on your face for a period of thirty minutes. Rinse off with normal water thoroughly.

2. Sesame Oil Mask

Sesame oil is known to be beneficial for skin in many ways. Its usage as a cosmetic dates back to many centuries. This oil is highly popular as massage oil. Sesame oil face pack helps in re-establishing enough moisture levels to your skin.

Sesame Oil Mask


One Teaspoon Sesame Oil
One Teaspoon Lemon Juice
One Teaspoon Honey

Process Of Preparation And Application:

Firstly, take a mixing bowl and add honey and sesame oil. Make sure that the oil is warm. Now, add lemon juice. Mix well and massage on to your skin with the help of this preparation. Let the face pack sit on your face for at least thirty minutes. Wash off with the help of lukewarm water. You can rub with lemon slice to ensure that the sesame oil is completely removed from the face.

3. Avocado Moisturizing Face Mask

Regular usage of avocado in your beauty regime assures you with flexible and tight skin. Avocado helps in hydrating and providing your skin with enough moisture.

Avocado Moisturizing Face Mask


One Teaspoon Honey
Two Tablespoons Avocado Paste

Process Of Preparation And Application:

Grind and crush avocado pulp to make a fine paste. Now, add honey to this paste. Mix well. Start applying this paste on your face. Once done, leave the avocado face mask for thirty to forty minutes. Later, wash off with tepid water. Follow this process on regular basis for at least two weeks to notice amazing results.

4. Glycerin And Oatmeal Moisturizing Face Pack

Oatmeal is the best ingredient for eliminating dead skin cells. It has the ability of assuring your skin with deep moisturizing effects. You can get rid of dry and dull skin by using oatmeal in your beauty regime. We are adding glycerin in this face pack to maximize the moisturizing and nourishing properties of this face mask.

Glycerin And Oatmeal Moisturizing Face Pack


Two tablespoons of Oatmeal
Six Drops Glycerin

Process Of Preparation And Application:

Start combining oatmeal with glycerin. Combine it well and apply as a face mask. Leave the mask for at least twenty minutes. Later, wash off with warm water thoroughly. Follow this process for ten to fifteen days for noticing amazing results.

5. Carrot And Fuller’s Earth Moisturizing Face Pack

Antioxidants and vitamin A are rich in carrots. Dryness, dark spots, acne and various skin problems can be kept at bay with the regular application of carrot face pack. Fuller’s earth is another amazing ingredient of this face mask that helps in make the most of this face pack for assuring you with hydrating skin.

Carrot And Fuller’s Earth Moisturizing Face Pack


One Teaspoon of Fuller’s Earth
One Carrot
One Tablespoon of Honey

Process Of Preparation And Application:

Prepare carrot juice. Now, start adding carrot juice to fuller’s earth and honey. Glycerin drops can be added to this face pack. Mix them thoroughly to form a fine paste. Apply this preparation as a face mask. Leave it for at least fifteen minutes. Now, remove it and wash off with warm water. Follow this for at least five times a week for amazing results.

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