5 Best Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shape

Hairstyles For Triangle Face Shape

Triangular face is the face, which is narrow at the jawline, and wider at the forehead. The better way to enhance your face is by avoiding any hairstyle, which will focus on your cheekbones. Avoid anything that has fringes and will cover your jawline that will let your cheekbones look smaller as compared to the overall face.

5 Best Hairstyles For Triangular Face Are:

Back Bun

Back bun looks good on triangular face and buns always looks beautiful on the face and goes well with everything and with any attire. This hairstyle is chic as well as elegant. You can loosely comb your hair with your hands so that it has the asymmetric effect and then tie your bun. You can either tie it at the nape of your neck or can tie it high up fixing the hair with pins and letting few strands loose.

Back bun

The Bob Cut

The victoria cut is very famous cut and suits those who have a triangle face. This posh haircut is amazing and if it is poker straight then it is the best thing your can do to your enhance your face and make it look more elegant and stylish. This hairstyle is stylish and looks beautiful with whatever you wear.

The Bob Cut

Wavy Hair

Wavy hair looks good on triangle face and if the waves are long it will look more elegant and gorgeous. This wavy hairstyle is a stunning hairstyle and is equally chic. You can let it loose or can also tie it up but letting some loose strands fall on your face. This is perfect hairstyle for those who doesn’t have too much time to spend on their hair, can make this look their daily look, as it never looks stale and also looks the best at any time.

Wavy hair

Side Ponytail

Side ponytails looks good on people who have a triangle face as this hairstyle enhances their jawline and the over all features. If you have a side fringe then you are set for the day, this look can never go wrong. This side ponytail gives volume to your hair and also looks thick. The side bang covers the eyes, which looks hot and sexy.

Side ponytail

Edgy Bob

This is one stylish haircut, which is just way too stylish and looks urban chic. This edgy bob has a long side bang, where the remaining hair is just too short and till the nape. This hairstyle is one modern chic hairstyle, which looks stunning.

Edgy Bob

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