5 Best Hair Dye Shampoos You Must Try

Hair Dye Shampoos You Must Try

Having lifeless and dull hair that are frizzy, coarse and full of grays is every woman’s nightmare. Unfortunately, all of us have to face it at some or the other point of life. While most mature women find it embarrassing, it is a bigger shut down for young women having to deal with the signs of such damaged premature aging hair. While there are multiple products in the market to get hold of the situation before the damage becomes visible to the world, yet there remains a lesser known product that can actually work wonders for such hair, within minutes. And the instant touch magical product we are talking about is none other than a hair dye shampoo. Basically, a hair dye shampoo is a shampoo cum dye.

Just remember, do not ever confuse a colour care shampoo with a hair dye shampoo. A colour care shampoo will increase the longevity of your chemically coloured hair, but will not cover up for your gray tresses. While a hair dye shampoo will serve as a colour care shampoo, as well as a hair colour in itself.

Having said that, let us make you familiar with these shampoos, and to give you a chance to explore their benefits. We have handpicked our best 5 hair dye shampoos that will reinvent your entire look within minutes.

1. Rise-N-Shine Color My Gray Brown Shampoo:

Sick of dealing with those ugly grays ruining the texture of your otherwise brown hair? Well, bid them adieu with this amazing Rise-N-Shine Color My Gray Brown Shampoo. It is an ideal choice for all brown colours, natural as well as chemically dyed. It is mild enough to be used every 15 days, whenever you need a quick, but perfect touch up. It adds rich and creamy brown tint to the hair, alongside cleansing the scalp and reducing split ends. It perfectly wraps up the appearance of gray hair in one single wash.

Rise-N-Shine Color My Gray Brown Shampoo

2. BSY NONI Black Hair Magic, Hair Dye Shampoo:

This creamy shampoo hair dye is an instant use product to cover up all gray hair peeking through your black tresses. It adds rich and deep shiny black colour to your hair in less than 15 minutes of washing your hair with it. It is devoid of ammonia and is blessed with the goodness of natural herbal extracts of NONI plant and ginscng liquid. It strengthens the hair roots as well. Thus, this temporary hair dye shampoo makes hair stronger, alongside giving your hair a natural black coverage.

 BSY NONI Black Hair Magic, Hair Dye Shampoo

3. Siso Hair Color Shampoo:

Blessed with bulk traces of natural bellflower and ginseng extracts, the Siso hair colour Shampoo is an ideal option to add deep black pigment to your hair in less than 5 minutes. This unisex hair dye shampoo comes as a powder. Simply mix it with water, or massage it on wet scalp. It doesn’t leave any stains on the skin or scalp either. It also reduces hair fall by making hair roots stronger. It comes with gloves that helps in easy application.

Siso Hair Color Shampoo

4. Herbal Korra Hair Colouring Shampoo:

This ammonia free hair dye shampoo comes in a range of different shades. You can always pick one according to the shade of your black or brown hair. This is not just a touch up hair dye shampoo for covering up gray hair, it rather binds to the strands and lasts much longer. It is blessed with the goodness of lotus black seeds and aloe vera. It takes hardly 10 minutes in all to flaunt natural looking glossy hair that look bouncy, thicker and smoother.

Herbal Korra Hair Colouring Shampoo

5. Le Bionique Black Hair Dye Shampoo:

This enriching hair dye shampoo is a no fuzz solution to perfectly conceal gray hair. It also smoothens hair texture by minimizing hair damage and controlling frizz, and reducing the formation of split ends. It is herbal, which is why, it is safe to be used on chemically treated hair. It sustains longer and makes hair stronger, reducing hair fall. It also enriches the scalp that reduces the chances of dryness, itching and irritation. Since it is devoid of ammonia, it can also be used by women with sensitive hair and scalp.

 Le Bionique Black Hair Dye Shampoo

These are 5 best hair dye shampoos that can help you increase the longevity of your artifical hair colour, as well as fill your gray hair with perfection.

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