5 Best Gym Shoes For Women


Gym Shoes For Women

Gyming is the best way to keep your body slim, toned and healthy. And it is equally essential to wear proper gym shoes while exercising. Feet have to go through a lot of impact during workout sessions. A wrong shoe can create a lot of friction. It can lead to a lot pressure on feet. This can result in heel and ankle pain. All you need while gyming are proper shoes that are cushioned, light and flexible. We have handpicked 5 best gym shoes that will provide enough grip and support to your feet while exercising.

One word of caution though, prefer cross training shoes over running shoes when gyming. This is because, cross training shoes have solid and flexible base that absorbs maximum impact. While running shoes have comparative weaker base, and this might cause impact on the feet while jumping or squatting. Having said that, let us have a quick look at the best 5 gyming shoes that will give maximum support while heavy training sessions.

1. Puma Women’s Tazon 6 WN’S Cross-Trainer Shoes:

This top notch gyming shoe by Puma is a trendy and highly flexible shoe that is reasonably priced. It is flexible and lightweight, yet it offers extra grip and support to the feet. It has a sleek stylish synthetic leather body that adds to its style quotient. It especially suits women who undergo rigorous training sessions that require a lot of jumping. This is because, their soft bottom absorbs all the force and protects the feet from going through any impact. Thus, they not just support the feet while exercising, they also prevent heels from inflaming and cracking.

Puma Women’s Tazon 6 WN’S Cross-Trainer Shoes

2. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer Shoes:

This stylish gyming shoe offers a lot of protection to feet muscles and ankles while gyming. Unlike some shoes that can give shoe bites while gyming, the Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer Shoes prevent cuts and blisters, since they have cushioned edges. The bottom of this shoe is a solid sole that takes maximum impact while hitting the floor. And it is heavily cushioned from inside. This offers maximum comfort to the feet, since they do not have to go through any force at all. It is highly flexible and is ultralight. It somewhat absorbs sweat too. Thus, it protects feet from bad odour.

Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer Shoes

3. Adidas Performance Women’s Crazypower TR W Cross-Trainer Shoes:

These are one of the best gyming shoes because their rubber sole is highly flexible. It makes them stretchable. The feet do not go through any strain, because the shoe expands from every angle. They have deep cushioning at the bottom and edges. Thus, they are comfortable and have a solid grip. Despite their solid look, they are lightweight and non slippery.

Adidas Performance Women’s Crazypower TR W Cross-Trainer Shoes

4. Nike Women’s Core Motion TR 2 Cross Training Shoes:

These are amongst the globally best rated gyming cross training shoes, because their sole can withstand any amount of friction on almost all surfaces. In other words, they are non slippery. Despite their solid base, they are ultra soft and heavily cushioned from inside. They are flexible and stretchable too. These breathable gyming shoes are light as well.

Nike Women’s Core Motion TR 2 Cross Training Shoes

5. Reebok Women’s Yourflex Trainette 8.0L MT Training Shoes:

Just like any quality gyming shoe, these shoes by Reebok are ultralight with a solid base. They are stylish and have a thick base that absorbs all force upon impact. They are very flexible and breathable. They have heavily cushioned inner sole that absorbs sweat. This reduces the chances of friction between the shoe base and feet. Thus, they do not cause heel inflammation or ankle pain.

 Reebok Women’s Yourflex Trainette 8.0L MT Training Shoes

The above listed 5 gyming shoes are the best in market. They make an ideal choice for women, because they also make exceptional outdoor shoes. In other words, they are multipurpose.

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