5 Best Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas


Sexy eye makeup is the recent trend that can transform your entire look and make it livelier. A little glitter is a simple and easy way to upgrade your eye makeup and take it to the next level. Wondering how it would work, check out these five best glittering eye makeup ideas here. We are sure you will love them.

Best Glitter Eye Makeup Ideas

1. Golden Eyes

A beautiful tone for all skin types and an easy glitter to find is gold. For a glamorous and sparkling golden eye, apply black eyeliner to the outer corners of the eye lids and the groove. Blend the color with the eye lids using a brush and then spread the golden glitter eye shadow all over the lids. Use an extra dark black eye liner to line the lashes and finish with two or three coats of mascara. A dash of the golden shade below the lower lash line will make the look more dramatic.


2. Glittering Smoky Eyes

Smoky eyes are all-time favorite eye makeup and very sexy and hot. It is just perfect for a nighttime party, but it is avoided mostly for the perfect blending of shade one needs to achieve. Still, it is a classic and most preferred style. To add some shimmer to this classic eye makeup and take it to the next level, just add a bit of gold glitter below the lower lash line. It will be fun and quirky.


3. Gleaming Cat Eyes

A cat eye is trendy and is as hot as smoky eyes. It is flattering and creates a playful and mysterious look whatever the shape of your eyes might be. Hence, most women prefer a cat eye when they want to make a statement. Adding some glitter to the cat eye will make the look more interesting and will have heads turn when you walk past people. A bronze or red glitter along the cat eye lash line will be bang on.


4. Nude Eyes With Sprinkle Of Specks

Nude eye makeup is another popular trend in the fashion world today. If your are someone who do not like bold colors and love a more natural look, then this nude make up trend is perfect for you. With the shades of soft brown, pastels and a little bronze, you can achieve the right natural look. To add a little fun and excitement to the look, dust some glitters on the lids and a bit more around the outer corners of the lids.


5. Highlighted Eyebrows

Perfectly sculpted brows are so beautiful and enhance the overall look of the face. So when you have the rightly sculpt brows, why not give them a glitter treatment keeping the eyes makeup subtle and create a quirky eye makeup this festive season. Just dab some glitter that matches the eye shadow color onto the eye brows to step up your style game this Christmas season and become the style diva.


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