5 Best Ever Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat

Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat

All of them who are over weight they complain about their waist and belly fat. Obesity or excess weight can result due to eating more fats, junk foods, lack of exercise, emotional eating etc which makes us too fat. When we are putting an extra weight it actually stores in our waistline and as a result we got a fat belly. Those who have a desk job they are most sufferer of this typical problem. Due their work pressure they can not do exercise and all the fat goes and stored in to the belly area. And it end up in a big fatty belly which makes you unfit and creates real problem in mobility.

So, if you want to stay fit try to reduce your belly fat. Along with the dieting you will need a proper exercise regime to shed the extra fat from your belly area. Do you know that yoga will keep you fit by reducing the belly fat in an effective way? Try to perform these specified poses to reduce the belly fat and stay healthy for ever.

Here Are The 5 Best Ever Yoga Poses To Reduce Belly Fat:

Downward Facing Dog Pose:

This pose is a very easy pose which reduces the belly fat. In this particular pose your face in downward position as like a dog, so that the name signifies. To perform this particular pose stand on your feet and bend in forward direction. Be careful that your knees must not bend. Then stretch both of your hands and try to touch the ground.

Downward Facing Dog Pose

When you are touching the ground keep in mind that your hips must be high. Keep your soles properly on the floor so that they firmly touch the ground. Try to keep your chest moving back in upward direction. As specified before your face must be placed in downward direction like a dog. You should keep it for 10-15 seconds where as a repeat performance is needed. This pose directly works on the muscles of your belly and abdomen area successfully reducing the extra inches from the middle portion of your body.

Bow Pose :

Bow pose is another superb pose which sheds the extra fat from your belly and gives you a flat belly in few weeks. As the name suggests your body will look like a bow when you are performing this pose. To do this pose you must lie in floor on your yoga mat and place your face towards the ground. Now stretch both of your hands in back wards direction so that you can easily touch your feet. Now tightly hold your feet with your hands.

Bow Pose

When you are touching your feet try slowly to uplift the lower part of your body from the floor. Hold your feet with your hand and keep in same position for near about 10 seconds and again perform the same for another 10seconds. This pose effectively cuts down the fat from your waist line and belly. It also helps you to strengthening the muscles in the belly area while keeping your body toned and increases the flexibility.

Camel Pose:

Cut down the extra fat from the belly area with Camel pose. In this particular pose your body looks like a camel body. First stand on both of your knees stretching your legs behind. Now bend your body towards the back while holding your toes with your fingers. Keep your face in back ward direction. Hold this pose for 10 seconds and perform it again for the same time duration. This asana actually sheds the excess fat from your belly, waist and also from the abdomen. If you regularly perform this pose it will give you a thin waist line in an easy way.

Camel Pose

Raised Feet Pose :

Do you ever heard of Raised feet pose? Those who have so much of weight and are not able to the previous poses they can try this pose which is very easy and does not need so much of effort.

Raised Feet Pose

First lay on the floor mat and keep both of your hands beside your body while placing your palms towards the floor. Now slowly raise both of your legs from the ground thus it forms a 90 degree angle with the floor and with your body. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Give a support to your back with your hands.

Corpse Pose:

Corpse pose has such a name because in this pose your body looks like a corpse. To perform this pose lay straight on the floor and keep your hands beside your body facing your palms in upward direction. Keeps your mind relaxed mood and breathe gently. Keep in this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute. Perform this easy pose between two pose or as a final pose.

Corpse Pose

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