5 Best Brown Lipsticks

Brown Lipsticks

Lipsticks make your lips look gorgeous and beautiful. This is one of the commonest makeup accessories which almost every women use. There are various different types of colours available like pink, brown, red, corals, peaches etc. to choose from. Among them, brown colour is rated as one of the favourite colours of women all across the globe. In this article you will learn about five best brown lipsticks.

Here Are The 5 Best Brown Lipsticks:

Absolute Matte Lipstick by Lakme:

This lipstick is presented by Lakme which is one of the reputed brands in cosmetic industry. The colour of this lipstick is toasted brown. It glides on softly and smoothly on the lips and doesn’t lead to formation of fine lines. It will not bleed or smudge. As it is a matte lipstick so apply a lip balm underneath your lips prior to application of this lipstick. It will keep your lips moist even in winter season.

Absolute Matte Lipstick by Lakme

Matte Saddle Brown Lipstick by Chambor:

Chambor presents an absolute matte and a classic rusty brown shade lipstick that became very popular during the 90′s. This lipstick works for warm tones of the skin and is not suited for pinkish skin tones. Apply it on your lips to experience amazing brightness on the face in an elegant way.

Matte Saddle brown Lipstick by Chambor

Choco Brown Lipstick by VOV:

VOV presents a classic peachy brown coloured lipstick. Its single swipe is gives light colour to your lips which would suit office goers and college goers. Double swipe gives fully fledged colour and makes you ready for a perfect celebration.

Choco Brown Lipstick by VOV

Super Shiny Baked Brown Lipstick by Revlon:

Revlon presents a beautiful shade that is made up of pure cream with no added shimmer and frost. This lipstick works well for people with dark skin tones. It is also good for office wear. With maroon undertones this lipstick gives you a soft brown colour to your lips.

Super Shiny Baked Brown Lipstick by Revlon

Glam Cream Lipstick by L’oreal:

Loreal presents a cream based brown coloured lipstick that glides smoothly on the lips. A single swipe is enough to render perfect colour and gloss to your lips. It has a rich texture and decent pigmentation.

Glam Cream Lipstick by L’oreal

All these lipsticks are made up of best quality ingredients that leave your lips beautiful, healthy and full of shine in a very less time. So grab one for you now!

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