5 Benefits And Side Effects Of Coca Tea You Should Know

Benefits And Side Effects Of Coca Tea

You might have heard a lot about coca tea. Coca Tea was in extreme use for centuries by the indigenous people living in South America. It was used extensively because of its richness in essential vitamins like Vitamin, A,C and B2,B6. Apart from these vitamins, coca tea was also found to be rich in certain compounds like alkaloids and insulin.

It was believed by people that it offers amazing health benefits to its consumer but this is only a partial reality because apart from offering health benefits, coca tea also produces some major side effects to its consumer’s health especially when it is consumed in improper ratio. Here are some amazing health benefits and side effects of coca tea which you must know for a better health prospect.

Benefits And Side Effects Of Coca Tea You Should Know

Benefits Of Coca Tea

Following are the benefits of coca tea:-

1. Boosts Energy:

Coca tea is an amazing energy booster as its leaves are highly rich a compound called inulin which is responsible for producing stimulatory effect on health of its consumer. Coca tea increases the energy level in the body to great extent thereby increasing mental concentration level of an individual. The stimulatory effect produced by coca tea is very much similar to coffee but the only difference between them is that coca leaves lacks in caffeine which works on different cellular mechanism.

Boosts Energy

2. Prevents Cardiovascular Diseases:

Drinking of coca tea is highly beneficial in lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases due to its amazing antioxidant properties. In fact, it is only the antioxidant action and essential nutrients of coca tea that lowers the risk of developing different types of cardiovascular diseases without causing any side effect to its consumer health.

Improves Cardiovascular Health

3. Improves Immunity:

Coca tea comprises of high levels of various vitamins which are full of outstanding antioxidant properties. Presence of such vitamins is responsible for boosting the functioning of immune system thereby destroying the toxic compounds in your bloodstream.

Improves immunity

4. Gives Relief From Indigestion:

Coca tea is too good for giving relief from indigestion due to presence of alkaloids and essential vitamins required for stomach stability. In fact, regular consumption of coca tea gives immediate relief from different gastrointestinal problems and other common health issues related with indigestion.

Aids Digestion

5. Gives Relief From Sickness:

If you suffer from altitude sickness or you realize the symptoms of such sickness then drinking tea made from coca leaves will give you better result in alleviating common symptoms of altitude sickness including upset stomach, diarrhea, nausea and vomiting comfortably. In fact, cocoa leaves richness in Vitamin B and other alkaloids is very helpful in improving the oxygen uptake thereby improving blood circulation in your body at high altitudes.

Gives Relief From Sickness

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6. Supports In Weight Loss:

Coca tea is also very helpful in promoting the weight loss thereby breaking down the fatty acids of your body with certain alkaloids. Drinking coca tea regularly is highly effective in improving natural fat burning capacity of the body and prevents ones body from fatness and obesity to some extent.

Faulty weight loss programs

7. Maintain Glucose Level Of Blood:

Coca tea is also very effective in regulating the blood glucose due to the presence of necessary vitamins, iron, calcium and riboflavin. Perfect regulation of glucose in the blood is responsible for improving the metabolic functions thereby the risk of health complexions like obesity and diabetes on its consumer’s health.

Glucose Level Of Blood



Side Effects Of Coca Tea

Like good health effects, coca tea too has following side effects:-

1. Harmful For Pregnant Woman:

For a woman undergoing pregnancy stage, drinking of coca tea is strictly prohibited by health experts because cocaine present in coca leaves may cause miscarriages or birth defects. In fact, it high dosage in the body during such stage can also cause sudden infant death syndrome i. e SIDS.  Therefore, woman undergoing pregnancy stage and breastfeeding mothers are always advised to keep themselves away from coca tea or coffee like products so as to safeguard their infant from adverse effects of coca tea.

Harmful For Pregnant Woman

2. Increases Hypertension:

Drinking many cups of coca tea daily is not good for mental condition and sometimes it may make your body prone to hypertension condition. Coca results in increasing blood pressure of an individual which also increases the risk of hypertension.

Reduces Hypertension

3. Causes Heart Problems:

Regular drinking of coca tea is dangerous for heart health condition especially for those; who’re already suffering from any heart related ailment.  Presence of cocaine in coca tea worsens the condition of heart patients and causes severe complications on their health

Heart Problems

4. Increases Chances Of Asthma Attack:

Regular drinking of coca tea is not so good for people suffering from asthma problem because cocaine present in coca leaves can make their health condition worst. Such worst asthma conditions, many times affects proper diagnosis of asthma problem.

Prevents Asthma

5. Increases Blood Sugar Levels:

Drinking too much coca tea can cause increase in blood sugar levels in many people especially for a patient of diabetic problem, regular drinking of coca tea affects blood sugar level control and worsen health conditions of such people.

Blood Sugar Levels

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