5 Beautiful Top Knot Bun Wedding Hairstyles

Looking for a classic yet modern and sexy hairdo for a summer wedding? Try the top knot style, which is charming and more glamorous. Various versions of the top knot can make your look more distinctive and stylish. Five such versions which are undoubtedly chic are given here. Give these a try to revamp your look this wedding season.

Here Are 5 Beautiful Top Knot Bun Wedding Hairstyles

1. Classic Tight Topknot

Smooth your hair and pull it toward the rear to make a high ponytail. Divide the hair into two sections. Wrap the first section around the ponytail base clockwise and lock it using pins. Wrap the second section around the base in counter clockwise direction and lock it with pins. Settle down fly-aways using hairspray. Decorate it with a beautiful vintage pin to make it classier.

Classic Tight Topknot

2. Braided From Back

Flip your head down and start braiding a French braid from just above the neck. Braid until you have reached the end of the hair and secure it with a band. Brush the front hair smoothly and pull all the hair, together with the braid, to make a ponytail at the top. Loosen the top section of the braid and brush the ponytail straight downward. Fold the front half segment of the tress and lock it using pins. Twist the remaining hair around the band and pin it in place. Adorn the style with soft accessories.

Braided from Back

3. Messy Top Knot

Blow dry and back comb the hair for texturizing it. Create wavy hair using 1 inch curling iron and pull it to make a high ponytail. Divide the ponytail into sections. Grab one section and twist slightly. Hold a few strands of the twisted segment and shove rest of the hair downward and pull them again to fashion a messy look. Wrap this section around the ponytail base and secure it with pins. Do the same with the rest of the sections and wrap the sections one by one around the ponytail base. Smooth out fly-aways finally using hairspray.


Messy Top Knot

4. Twisted Top Knot

Blow dry using a round barrel brush to get waves and some texture required for the look. Pull the front part of the hair to make a high pigtail and tie the rest of the hair into another ponytail close by the first one. Divide the first ponytail into two parts and start twisting the two parts until you reach the end and secure the ends with a band. Repeat the same with the other ponytail. Twist the two rope ponytails around the elastic and secure the ends using pins underneath the texturized top knot. Prettify with a suitable accessory.

Twisted Top Knot

5. Waterfall Braided Topknot

Brush your hair using a soft brush. Grab a thin section of hair from right side and start braiding a three stranded braid toward the left. Cross thin sections of hair from the front as you braid through. Once you reach the left end, tie the ends using a band. Tie all the hair together to create a high bun and secure it using pins. Adjust the waterfall pieces such that they lay symmetrical on the top. Smooth down fly-aways and add accessories to beautify it.

Waterfall Braided Topknot

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