5 Stylish, Elegant And Beautiful Eid Heena Designs That You Can Try This Eid


5 Stylish, Elegant And Beautiful Eid Heena Designs That You Can Try This Eid

Eid is one of the most colourful festive occasions that is celebrated throughout the world. Though this festival is celebrated mostly by the muslims across the globe as it marks the end of their holy month of Ramadan but people from other communities are also found to celebrate it along with their Muslim friends. On the occasion of Eid many people love to try out the stylish Eid Heena designs to beautify their hands.

1. Simple Circular Heena Designs

If you want to keep your Eid heena designs simple and stylish then nicely done circular heena designs are best for you to try out. The circular designs makes the hands look extremely stylish and beautiful and also goes very well with most types of attires. In this heena design a circular design is created at the centre of the palm with small and intricate motifs and patterns which looks extremely beautiful. Once the circular designs are done the finger tips are usually shaded and filled with heena  so that it gives a nice and classic look to the hands. This design is simple and is loved by most women across the globe.

Simple Circular Heena Designs

2. Big Floral Heena Designs

Another amazing heena design that you can try this Eid is the big floral designs. This type of designs are usually big and cover the major portion of the hands starting from the elbows and ending to the fingers. Big floral motifs of different patterns are created till the palms in the form of a ribbon so that it looks extremely different and unique. Those women who love big designs should definitely try out this design to celebrate the festive season.

Big Floral Heena Designs

3. Arabic Style Heena Design

Another awesome and different type of heena design that you can try out on the occasion of Eid is the Arabic style heena design. Arabic style heena is unique and is popular throughout the world. Women who love to try out something new and different can definitely try this style to make their hands look extremely beautiful. In Arabic style designs black heena is used which makes the designs more prominent and very unique. Arabic bell, floral designs of different patterns and various leaves of different patterns are most popular in this style of heena. Try out this heena design in the upcoming Eid to make your hands look extremely beautiful.

Arabic Style Heena Design

4. Filling Heena Designs

Filling heena design is another awesome heena design that you can try out this Eid. If you want your hands to be filled up with heena and want a dense look then this style of heena design is ideal for you. This  type of design fills the hands  but gives a very classy and sophisticated look. The designs does not look cluttered and the dense patterns and motifs gives a very attractive look to the entire hands.

Filling Heena Designs

5. Glittered Floral Heena Designs

Sometimes the colour of the heena looks monotonous to some women so a dash of glitter can really spice up your heena. The glittered floral heena is something very different that you can try out this Eid. The new age glittered heena looks unique and different and makes the hands look extremely beautiful. You can make different floral designs of different patterns and then take a tube of colourful glitter of your choice and fill in the designs as per your liking. You can use glitter shades of red, blue and green to beautify the floral patterns. If you want to try out something different then this glittered floral heena designs is ideal for you.

Glittered Floral Heena Designs

These Are In Brief 5 Stylish, Elegant And Beautiful Eid Heena Designs That You Can Try This Eid.

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