5 Beautiful And Amazing White Henna Designs That You Can Try Out

White Henna Designs That You Can Try Out

Most women across the globe love to apply henna on various occasions and festivals in order to beautify themselves. Usually henna designs are mostly dark brown or reddish brownish in colour but nowadays very innovative and unique white henna is becoming very popular among most women. Most women experiment with white henna designs as it looks very different from the usual henna colour. The best part is that it gives a very stylish appeal and you can create the design on any part of your body to make yourself look stylish. There are various types of white henna designs that you can try out to look beautiful.

Below Are 5 Beautiful And Amazing White Henna Designs That You Can Try Out:

1. Arabic Bel Design:

Arabic bell is a very popular henna design that you can try out with white henna. The henna design of an Arabic bell with white henna looks extremely stylish and classy when applied on the back of your hands. If you are planning to create a design on the back of your hands with white henna then Arabic bell is the best option. The beautiful swirling patterns and the sleek designs look stunning in white colour. If you want you can even apply a tinge of red glitter as well as that will add a stunning effect to the designs. If you have any upcoming occasion then you must definitely try this Arabic bell design in white henna.

Arabic Bel Design

2. Neckpiece Henna Design:

Another awesome and innovative design that you can try out in white henna is the neckpiece henna design. This is a very stylish and very popular white henna design that many women love to apply. It looks unique and makes you stand out in the crowd as this is something which is new and upcoming. With white henna draw a stylish design with patterns on the neckline so that it looks like a necklace. You can add small stones and glitters on the designs if you want to beautify it even further. The best part is that all kinds of dresses go really well with this type of neck piece henna design. You will definitely look stunning in various parties if you try out this neck piece henna design.

Neckpiece Henna Design

3. Floral White Henna Shoulder Design:

Floral white henna shoulder design is another awesome and beautiful white henna design pattern that you can try out to look beautiful. Instead of a tattoo you can try out this extremely unique yet tradition white floral henna design on your should whenever you are wearing a beautiful off shoulder dress. Nowadays many brides try out this henna design on their shoulders to look stylish and pretty. Create nice and intricate floral pattern designs covering the major part of the shoulder and beautify it with colourful stones and glitters. Whenever you are wearing an off shoulder dress or a gown you must try this design to look extremely stylish and classy.

Floral White Henna Shoulder Design

4. White Finger Henna Designs:

One more unique white henna design that many women love to try out these days is the white finger henna designs. If you want a temporary yet unique design on your finger then this white henna pattern is the best option for you. This type of white henna designs on your fingers look extremely cute and classy.  You can try out different patterns and motifs like a small sunflower design along with leaves and add small glitters stones to it so that it looks shiny. You can select the design and the colour of stones that you want to put in the henna design depending on the type and colour of the dress that you are wearing. This henna design will definitely give a very unique look to your fingers.

White Finger Henna Designs

5. White Henna Designs For Your Legs:

White henna design patterns for legs is also quite popular these days as many women love to apply this henna patterns to beautify their legs as well. Depending on your choice you can create the white henna designs either on your foot or even a little higher that is on your legs as well. With white henna you can create alluring design like swirls and floral motifs and whooshes which make your legs look very stylish and classy. You can select the henna design for your legs depending on the length of the dress that you will be wearing. You can surely try this white henna design for your legs to give a unique and different effect.
These Are In Brief 5 Beautiful And Amazing White Henna Designs That You Can Try Out.

White Henna Designs For Your Legs

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