5 Beach Wedding Hairstyles

A beach wedding is full of style, fun and excitement and is informal. A hairdo that is romantic, casual and unfussy will be perfect for the breezy ocean front. Are you eager to know how to create one such hairstyle? Read on to learn how to create the five most beautiful beach wedding hairstyle looks.

Here Are 5 Beach Wedding Hairstyles

1. Greek Goddess

Start with a side parted hair. Create small sectioned curls using one inch curling iron. Once the curling is done completely, separate the curls with your fingers. Spray a holding spray and adorn a flower crown to look stunning.

Greek Goddess

2. Curly Side Pony

Dampen the hair and blow-dry with a round brush of medium size. Build volume and tease the hair on the crown. Take a deep side partition and brush over the periphery softly. Create curls using ¾th inch curling iron. Run a brush all over the hair and pull the hair to the heavy side and make a low ponytail just below the ear. Secure the ponytail with a band and pull out a thin section of hair to wrap around the band. Pin the ends underneath the pony using pins.

Curly Side Pony

3. Twisted Braid Half Updo

Create loose curls with 1.5 inch curling iron and brush softly. Take a slightly off centered partition and pull out two segments of hair from either side of the face. Divide each segment into two parts and interlace them to form a rope braid. Interlock the two rope braids at the back of the head and use pins to hold the hair in place. Pull out the outer edges of the rope braid to create a lace effect. Brush down the hair and adorn with flowers and beads.

Twisted Braid Half Updo

4. Braids And Twists

Curl a side parted hair with 1 ¼ inch curling iron. Pull out a thin section of hair two inches behind the hairline and braid it all along the length. Pin the remaining hair into pin curls at different levels at the back. Make sure your hair looks spongy and not very tight. Wrap the braided hair just about the apex of the pin curls and tie up at the back with pins. Adorn small flowers to decorate the hair. Leave loose bangs in the front to amp up the look.

Braids And Twists

5. Loose Side Braid

Make a side part and brush the hair. Do not over brush so that the natural wavy texture is retained. Pull the hair in the direction of the heavy side of the parted hair and start making a loose braid. Secure the ends using a band and widen the ends of the braid. Leave a few slightly curled loose bangs or tendrils in the sides. Decorate the braid with hair embellishments.

Loose Side Braid