5 Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

5 Basic Yoga Poses For Beginners

Do you perform any physical exercise? Do you try some workouts in your free time? Now a day almost every body overburdened with their work so that they do not have so much of time to do workout. That’s why they do not do any physical activities. But if any body do not do any kind of physical activities it will go against the proper development of their body. Because no physical exercise actually results in lack of proper development of their body. Do you know that yoga can play an important role which can be a great substitute of any physical activities? You can do yoga in your home under your supervision. It does not take so much of time and effort. Yoga can be done any time of a day, so when have some free time you can practice it. In this topic today we are discussing top yoga poses for the beginners.

Here Are The 5 Most Easy Yoga Poses And Their Health Benefits For The Beginners Like You

Lotus Pose :

This is one of the basic yoga pose and is an easy one for the begginers. Lotus pose is very much helpful for you as it contains lots of health benefits. This pose is very much powerful for increasing the concentration power of you which is very much helpful for studies. In this particular pose the body of the performer looks like a bloomed lotus, and in Sanskrit lotus is known as “Padma” whereas “Asana” stands for pose. To perform this particular pose first sits in the floor by folding your legs at your knees. Place both of your hands on your knees and close youreyes. Try to concentrate on a single imaginary point. Hold this pose for 30 seconds to 1 minute. It is also goodthe legs as it increase the flexibility of the legs.

Lotus Pose

Camel Pose :

Camel pose is another beneficial pose for you which keeps you healthy in an efficient way. In Sanskrit the term Camel stands for “Ustra” whereas pose replaces “Asana”. To perform this pose sits on your knees on the ground by stretching your legs behind your body. Now raise your hands beside your head in upward direction and slowly bend your body in backward direction. Now try to hold your ankles with the hands. Keep this pose for 10-15 seconds and then repeat it. Regular practice of this typical pose can help you strengthening the muscles of back and also increases the flexibility of your body.

Camel Pose

Bow Pose :

Bow pose is very much beneficial for you as it help you in increasing the flexibility of your body and it is alsohelpful in increasing height. When you perform this pose the whole body resembles you the figure of a bow, thus it is called such. First lay straight on the floor keeping your face downside and keep both of your hands beside your body facing the palms downward. Now try to uplift the upper and lower part of your body from the floor while keeping the support on your belly. Now try to hold your feet both of your hands and keep breathing. Hold this particular pose for 10-20 seconds and do a repeat of this pose. When your kids are doing this pose help them to hold the balance of their body. If your you are suffering from stiff neck and frozen shoulder this pose is verymuch beneficial for you.

Bow Pose

Wind Relieving Pose :

We are often suffering from digestive problems due to the consumption of junk foods. Before it turns in to serious position consult a doctor and do this pose. To perform this pose first lay down on the floor keeping your face in upward direction by stretching your legs in front of you. Now fold your left leg at your knees and hold it with your hands. Now slowly try to uplift your head from the ground and touch your head with the left knee. Keep the pose for 10 seconds and then release. Now repeat the same actions with your right knee. This pose is very much helpful for you by providing them relief in digestive problems.

Wind Relieving Pose

Corpse Pose :

Corpse pose is basically a relaxing pose. It can be done in the interval of the poses which can provide some relief to your body and also calms your mind. First lay straight on the floor keeping your hands beside your body while facing the palms downward. Now close your eyes and take deep breathing. Hold this pose for 30 seconds. It is ideal to perform between the changing of poses in a yoga session.

Corpse Pose

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