5 Astounding Body Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Body Tattoo Designs

Tattoo is called body art. Of course the tradition of doing tattoo in the body is very old. In ancient time different tribes used to do tattoos before big ceremonies or war. Those tattoos involved ornamental designs. Now almost everything under the sun is considered a design for tattoo that modern fashion conscious men or women do in their body.

The word body covers the whole outer part of a human being including legs  hands, neck and head. Astounding designs of tattoos are done on these places now a day. But for the sake of discussion let the hands, head and legs remain outside. Therefore body means shoulder, back that is upper or lower back, chest or breast and abdomen. Almost every generic tattoo is done in these places. Men have an advantage to expose upper part of body in public which is not considered that much indecent. But women do not have that advantage. Still modern fashion conscious women remain or enjoy exposure and they take pleasure in exhibiting body tattoo in public.

Here Are 5 Astounding Body Tattoo Designs (with Meanings) For Tattoo Lovers

Jesus Body Tattoo Designs

Back is the place in the body which is very much fit for a big well designed tattoo that convey positive meaning. A Jesus tattoo with image of Jesus Christ hanging from Crucefix is perfectly fit for back in the body. It stands for spirituality and love of god. Men can do this kind of big tattoo covering their whole back. Women can do Jesus tattoo in upper back. A face of Jesus with sublime look also looks divine in the body.

Jesus body tattoo designs

Flower Body Tattoos

If Jesus tattoo is suitable for men then women can have flower tattoo in their body. Beauty and fragrance of flower always attract women. There are thousands of attractive flower tattoo designs that can be found in tattoo market. A woman who has attractive back can have such a tattoo in her back. Side of the body or rib cage is also a place to do such a tattoo.

Flower body tattoos

Tribal Body Tattoo Designs

It is already told that tribal tattoos were ancient tattoos that were used by tribes around the world. Modern men and women also have fascination for tribal tattoo designs. These tattoos mostly involve ornamental art and other elements from nature like animals, flowers or trees. Men can do tribal tattoos in front part of body like chest. While women can do such tattoo in upper back or front part of body like collar bone, side part of the body as well as lower abdomen.

Tribal body tattoo designs

Animal Body Tattoos

Animal world provides great inspiration for body tattoos. A man or woman can have tattoo of any animal from forest, water or sky which he or she likes in his or her body. Each animal stands for different meanings. Carnivore animals like tiger, lion, wolf, leopard etc generally stand for power, agility, masculinity while herbivore animals like elephant symbolizes every positive sides in life. Pet animals like cat, dog stand for companionship and protection. Bird like eagle symbolizes strength, pride, position and power. Though it does not exist in real life still mythical creature like dragon is a very popular animal tattoo that men or women like to wear in the body. Dragon stands for power, inner as well as physical strength, magic, wisdom.

Animal body tattoos

Wings Body Tattoo Designs

Creature like bird, butterfly which can fly in air is favorite to women because these carry living free from bondage of society message. Simple wings tattoo in the body also stands for such meaning of freedom also. There are hundreds of wings tattoos are found in the market that can be done in any part of the body considering the size.

Wings body tattoo designs

So you want to have a meaningful body tattoo. Kindly choose from the list given here.

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