5 Astonishing Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

As different kind of tattoos are becoming popular among fashion conscious men and women in the world, tattoo makers are looking for interesting sources for new designs. In this regard different exotic cultures around the world serve as great tattoo designs. American Indian or native Indian culture of US is such a culture which has given birth to some interesting tattoo designs. Dreamcatcher is a tattoo based on American Indian culture. It is a very popular tattoo particularly loved by women tattoo lovers.

Meaning Of A Dreamcatcher Tattoo

A dreamcatcher is a thing that was or is still  used by mainly Ojibwe Indian people. Dreamcatcher is a simple hand made thing made from wood, strings and feathers that looks strange a little bit. It represents an old Indian folktale that tells the story of protecting children from bad dreams. In this conyext the main purpose of this indigenous cultural material is to provide protection from bad dream. The other meanings that a dreamcatcher tattoo conveys are love for ancient culture, indigenous tribal materials, family bond. A dreamcatcher tattoo can be done on any place in the body. It is most frequently seen in places like back, arm, shoulder, side of the body, thigh.

Here Are 5 Astonishing Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Simple Dreamcatcher In Black Ink Tattoos

There are many interesting dreamcatcher tattoo designs found in the market. Among these some women prefer the particular design that show dreamcatcher in just black ink. The size is to be chosen by the tattoo lover. But the favorite place is back.

Simple Dreamcatcher In Black Ink Tattoos

2. Dreamcatcher With Blue Feathers Designs

Blue is a color that represents spirituality in some ancient cultures of the world. In this regard some dreamcatcher tattoo designs show dreamcatcher in black ink with feathers hanging from it in light blue color. it looks great on body.

Dreamcatcher With Blue Feathers Designs

3. Dreamcatcher With Flower Tattoos

Women like flower. That is why every women oriented tattoo has a design that has flower or flowers in it. Some colorful dreamcatcher tattoos have rose flowers with the dreamcatcher.

Dreamcatcher With Flower Tattoos

4. Bird With Dreamcatcher Designs

Like flower bird tattoo is also favorite to women for its message of freedom and living freely without bondage. That is why some dreamcatcher tattoos show dreamctcher with single bird or flock of birds flying.

Bird With Dreamcatcher Designs

5. Dreamcatcher With Heart Symbol Tattoos

Heart symbol or simply heart tattoo stands for romantic involvement, love, bonding and peace. It is a favorite tattoo to men and women tattoo lovers. Some women tattoo lovers like to have dreamcatcher tattoo that has a simple heart inside the round dreamcatcher. Sometimes the dreamcatcher image is seen in the form of a heart too. The design looks awesome on body.

Dreamcatcher With Heart Symbol Tattoos

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