5 Anti-ageing Yoga Postures

Ageing is a natural process, which cannot be avoided. However, there are several obvious physical factors that influence aging and health of people who practice yoga regularly. So, do you want to postpone ageing and reverse the ageing cycle? Then start doing yoga. It is the best anti-ageing fitness practice we bet. Do not be bothered about your age, simply start doing the anti-ageing poses briefed below from today to feel younger physically and mentally.

Here Are 5 Anti-Ageing Yoga Poses

1. Forward Bend

Stand erect with hands on your sides and feet together. Raise your hands straight above your head and unite the palms to form Anjali mudra. Bend forward from your hips, bring your arms down towards the floor and try to touch the floor. Place your palms on the ground if possible. Hold the position for a few seconds and rise up.[1]

Forward Bend

2. Leg Up The Wall Pose

Sit close to a wall and extend the legs forward. Lay your head and upper body on the ground and gently bring the legs up onto the wall. Move your upper body close to the wall so that the buttocks are adjacent to the wall. Rest your arms extended on the sides with palms facing upwards. Tuck your tummy and concentrate on your breathing. Stay in this position for 2 to 5 minutes and relax.[2]

Leg Up The Wall Pose

3. Seated Twist

Sit erect on the floor with legs crossed and arms extended. Your fingertips should touch the floor on the sides. Sit tall so that your spine is lengthened. Lift your arms above your head and twist your torso and head towards the right. Place your right palm on your left knee and the left hand behind you. Stay in this position for a minute and switch sides.

Seated Twist

4. Squat Pose

Stand in mountain pose with feet hip width apart. Place the hands in Anjali mudra in front of the chest. Squat down by bending your knees. Fold the knees completely, so that the sitting bones are close to the floor. At the same time, ensure that the bones do not touch the floor. Anchor the feet firmly to the ground. Your shoulders should be between the knees. Stretch the hands forward on the floor for balance and then stand up.[4]


Squat Pose

5. Downward Facing Dog

Start with the table top position. Move your palms forward so that your hands are in front of the shoulders. Spread your fingers and place the palms firmly on the ground. Rotate your forearm inwards and shoulder outwards. Lift your hips upwards, straighten your legs and tuck your toes. Push the navel towards the spine and lift the hips higher. Your body should be in an inverted V shape. Your elbows and knees should not be bent. Gaze at the feet and take a deep breath. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds and return to the starting point.[5]

Downward Facing Dog

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  • Patricia Smitth

    As according to Consumer Health Digest, Yoga can promote better mental state as well as physical health. This Yoga poses are relatively simple. I will add them up to my daily Yoga routine. Thanks for posting this 🙂