5 Ant Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

Among animals  various types of insects also provide great inspiration for amazing tattoo designs. Though large group of people generally do not like insects and critters like spiders but people usually do not hate ants. There are interesting ant tattoo designs found in the market. Ant tattoos are very popular today.

Meaning Of Ant Tattoo

Ants are one of the oldest living creatures on the earth. Ants existed even in the time of dinosaur. Ants are social insects. These live together forming a colony and there are division of labors among ants. There are workers or labor ants, soldier ants, simple males for breeding purpose and one or more than one queen ant. Ants are hardworking, resilient creatures. Ants do not bite until agitated. Most of the ants are not venomous. Though driver ants of Africa have bad reputation of being flesh eaters. Men as well as women like ant tattoo on body. An ant tattoo stands for hard work, resilience, unity, living together within society in peace. Ant tattoo can be done in places like back, arms, shoulder, abdomen, legs.

Here Are 5 Ant Tattoo Designs For Tattoo Lovers

1. Simple Ant Tattoo Designs

A simple ant tattoo in 2 dimensional depth is found aplenty in market. A tattoo lover who loves simple, complexity free image can have this on body.

Simple Ant Tattoo Designs

2. 3D Ant Tattoos

There are ant tattoos with terrific 3 dimensional depth. These tattoos give an illusion of a real ant sitting on or creeping through the body of the tattoo lover.

3D Ant Tattoos

3. Series Of Ants Tattoo Designs

People sometimes like series of ants tattoo on body. A series of ants tattoo looks like ants crawling through the body of a human being.

Series Of Ants Tattoo Designs

4. Ants With Leaf Or Leaves Tattoos

Labor ants carrying leaf or leaves is a very common ant picture that establishes that ants like to preserve foods for future particularly for winter. It is a symbol for hard work and far sight. Ants with leaf or leaves tattoo designs are highly recommended for tattoo lovers.

Ants With Leaf Or Leaves Tattoos

5. Ant Man Tattoo Designs

Ants are so popular that even popular art form like comic book has one of superheroes in the name of Ant man. A recent hit film based on this science fiction comic book hero has made it popular once again. There are some tattoo designs based on Ant man as seen on the new film.

Ant Man Tattoo Designs

So you want to have an ant tattoo on body, kindly choose from the list given here.

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