5 Amazing Yoga Poses For A Beautiful You And Their Beauty Benefits

Every body wants to be beautiful. But to get beautiful is not only to have a beautiful skin only. Actually beauty lies in your whole body. A toned body with a beautiful skin and hair is a real beautiful you. So, if you want to be beautiful then you have to take care of your whole body. Do you know that yoga poses can help you to be really beautiful from inside? Actually it does so. There are several yoga poses which can provide you lots of benefits to your body and helps you to be beautiful. The yoga poses that are specified in this topic each of have separate beauty benefits for human body. So just go through the topic and follow each step to perform the yoga poses properly.

Here Are 5 Amazing Yoga Poses For A Beautiful You And Their Beauty Benefits

1. Lotus Pose And Its Beauty Benefits

Now a day’s people are living a very fast life. In such a hectic lifestyle every body is facing so much of stress while balancing their professional and personal life. Such mental stress can lead to wrinkle in skin, dark circles in under eyes etc. So if you want to be beautiful then peace of mind is very much important. Try to practice Lotus pose every day to get relief from mental stress. First sit on the floor stretching your legs in front. Then slowly fold your legs inwards direction to your body. Keep one foot on the other leg and vice versa. Stretch both of your arms an place your hands on your knees. Hold
the pose for 10-15 seconds and then release it.

Lotus Pose

2. Get Beautiful Hair With Fish Pose

If any body regularly performs fish pose it will help in the blood circulation in scalp and head. This pose will help you to reduce the hair fall problem and strengthens the root of your hair. If you are suffering from severe hair fall problem then you can go for fish pose to stop your hair fall problem. Lay straight on the floor keeping your face upward. Then fold your legs and place both of your hands under your hips keeping your palms facing downward. Then bend your head at your neck keeping the crown position of your head with the floor. Now slowly uplift your upper body part giving support on your elbows and try to form an arch between your hips and head. Hold this pose for 10-15 seconds.

Get Beautiful Hair With Fish Pose

3. Bow Pose For A Beautiful You

To be beautiful you must have a proper toned body. Lack of exercise and wrong eating habit can make you fatty and you may not look good in that. Regular practice of bow pose can provide you a beautiful toned body. This bow pose also increases blood circulation in your body which results in glowing skin. To perform this pose lay on the ground and keep your faces towards the floor also stretching your legs in front of you. Keep your hands beside your body and raise both your legs upright. Also uplift the upper part of your body from the floor and then stretch both of your arms in backward to touch your legs. Hold your feet with your hands with breathing slowly and hold this pose for 10 seconds.

Bow Pose

4. Plough Pose For A Beautiful Body

Often you have noticed that your belly is getting out day by day. For that reason you are not getting fit in your old dresses. To get a fat free well shaped body try to perform plough pose every day. To perform this pose lay straight on the floor stretching the legs in front and put your hands beside your body so that the palms faces the ground. Then slowly raise both of your legs from the floor and raise it over your head to touch the floor on the other side of your head. Breathe deeply and hold the pose for 15 seconds. Regular
performance of this pose helps you to retain in an ideal shape.

Plough Pose

5. Get Rid Of Hair Problem With Child Pose

Are you worried with hair related problems? Then you must try child pose every day to get rid from hair related problems with an ease. This great yoga pose increases blood circulation in your scalp and reduces any hair related problem. To perform these typical poses first sit on the floor at your knees by folding your legs. Keep your knees separated and also your hips in same distance. Your heels must point outwards direction. Now bend forward and place your fore head on the floor. Then stretch your arms in upward direction and then back stretch your arms. Keep your palms facing upward and hold the pose for 10 seconds.

Child Pose