5 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Thin Lips Look Plump

Fuller plump lips are always regarded as beautiful. Moreover, plump lips are synonymous with youth and vitality. Most of the people think that plump lips may make you look sexy. But, everyone is not so lucky to have a pair of plump lips with well-defined Cupid’s bow. But, a little makeup and some tricks may help you forget your sorrow. You too who always brood with your thin lip may get sexy plum lips easily. This article will give you a few tips to draw your lips properly and to make it presentable, charming as well as attractive.

Here Are 5 Amazing Tricks To Make Your Thin Lips Look Plump

1. Hydrate And Moisturizes Your Lips Before Applying The Lipstick

Keep your lips hydrated all the time. If you have very dry lips cracked lips, it will not reflect light. Unless it reflects light it will not look plump. For this reason keep your lips hydrated all the time with adequate drinking of water. Apply petroleum jelly all the time and do not allow to accumulate dead cells on your lips. With the help of a soft brush remove dead cells from your lips especially just before applying lipsticks. So, layer of petroleum jelly should be at the very primary base.

Hydrate And Moisturizes Your Lips

2. Use Talcum Powder And Foundation

Upon petroleum jelly sprinkle some face powder on your lips and then apply a thin layer of your foundation. It will help to give your lips a thick look. Leave for a minute to settle down the foundation on your lips.

Use Talcum Powder And Foundation

3. Use Lip Liner

When the foundation is settled down draw your lips with a lip liner. Follow outer ridge of both lips while drawing. The color of the lip liner should be one or two shades darker than that of the lipstick. After you have finished drawing, just smudge the strong lines to give it a soft look.

Lip Liner

4. Choose Right Color Of The Lipstick

Then apply the lipstick. Choosing the color of the lipstick is very important especially when you have cracked lips. Do not go for the darker shade. It will make your lips look thinner. Lighter shade like baize, light pink, light mauve, etc. are appropriate for thin lips. Never chose matte lipstick. Always go for the shiny one because your lips need to reflect light to look plump.

Choose Right Color Of The Lipstick

5. Use Of Lip-gloss Is Mandatory

Always wear lip-gloss after applying lipstick. Lipstick makes your lip shiny and shiny lips reflect light. Thus, it adds visual volume to your lips.


Follow these tips to get a pair of attractive plump lips.

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