5 Amazing Looks You Can Create Using Felt Tip Eyeliner

Many women want to be professionals when it comes to makeup but they are too afraid to try it themselves. If you want to get professional makeup on an everyday basis, you should use felt tip eyeliner which is great for beginners. It is basically a pen which you use to draw lines on your lid to get the look. It is very easy to smudge and design. Today we will tell you about 5 Amazing Looks You Can Create Using Felt Tip Eyeliner. But for starters, just make a diagonal line on the outer V of your eyes. Then them move from the outer V into the inner V and make another line. This will be the winged eyeliner outline. Now you can fill the outline with felt tip eyeliner. Once you get this right, you can create the looks mentioned below. Take a look!

Here Are The 5 Amazing Looks You Can Create Using Felt Tip Eyeliner

1. The Purple Blue Eyeliner Look

We love the purple and blue eyeliner look. All you need to do start with creating one wing with the purple and then make another wing with the black felt tip liner. You can make a blue wing under your eyes for the beautiful purple and blue look. It will look absolutely gorgeous! Use light pink and cream eye shadow for the eyelids.

The Purple Blue Eyeliner Look

2. Pink Makeup With Curved Liner Look

If you want a casual look, you can just wear a pink lip shade with light pink eye shadow. Just make a curved line using a felt tip liner. Skip the thick winged line! Just making a sleek line would do. This will be perfect for a casual day out with friends or when you are going shopping.

Pink Makeup With Curved Liner Look

3. Arabic Style Eyeliner

The Arabic style eyeliner is very thick. This is perfect for a party! You can easily do it at home. Use a blend of peach and black on your eyelids. Smudge it and make a thick winged line on the lids. You can use kohl to make a winged line under your eyes too. This will be very sexy and stylish! We love the Arabic style eyeliner! It actually helps your eyes to pop out and look gorgeous.

Arabic Style Eyeliner

4. Thick Black Winged Line With Green Eyes

This is the prettiest eye makeup! It is so simple to do at home. You would need green eye shadow on your entire eyelid. As for the eyeliner design, you should need to make a line by following the shape of upper lash line. Extend the shape to the V area outwards. You need thick black winged line to get that look. You can try the slick line too!

Thick Black Winged Line With Green Eyes

5. Red And Bronze Model Look

Don’t we all love the red and bronze model look? This sure is a very hard to get look but you can practice it to get the look. Use bronze eye shadow on the eye lids and then put on a bright red lipstick. You can choose cherry red too. You would need false thick eyelashes for this look. It is a must! You would need to make a brilliant eye wings with the felt tip liner. This is a gorgeous look you should try!

Red And Bronze Model Look

Try these felt tip liner looks. You know the technique now! It is so easy to create the winged look with the felt tip. Try the looks mentioned above and fetch all the compliments. You will look so good and nobody will know that you did it yourself! Keep practicing and your eye makeup will become so professional looking! All the best!

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