5 Amazing Holistic Hair Care Tips

Amazing Holistic Hair Care Tips

Holistic hair care is not exactly the same as natural hair care. It actually goes a step beyond to link the hair with the mind and rest of the body for complete wellness. In this hustle and bustle of everyday, most people tend to forget that there is a treatment beyond the chemical solutions available in the market.

Here Are Some Easy Holistic Hair Care Ideas That You Can Try Every Day:


One of the best ways to start off with holistic hair care would be via meditation. This is a method that has been used since ancient times. What happens here is that 10 minutes of meditation first thing in the morning or even after exercising, helps you in getting a grip over stress and anxiety. In turn it automatically helps you get your hair problems away.


Eating Right

Another aspect of holistic hair care is ensuring that you are eating healthy. Most women lack the time and patience to eat right, which is imperative for your hair. A simple diet here would be start your day with some warm water and honey for cleansing, followed by fruits like bananas or papayas, which are great for hair. Add nuts to your meal for healthy fat and ensure that you get your biotin from green vegetables and lean meats.

Eating Right


This holistic hair care approach is all about detoxifying the natural way. Your hair needs to breath and the cells need to rejuvenate too. So do exercises that make you sweat, especially cardio and yoga because they do promote faster cell rejuvenation.

Exercise Regularly

Oil And Aroma Massages

Mix up your favorite hair oil like olive or coconut with some essential oils like ylang ylang, chamomile, etc. that provide you with a sense of relaxation. Massage with these releases tension, stimulates growth of hair and gets rid of stress, which is vital.

Hot Oil Massage

Right Hair Maintenance

Along with the above, make sure that you pamper and take care of your hair. Use organic and natural products, avoid combing too harshly and rubbing the hair. And most importantly, stay away from over styling and using strong chemicals on the hair and you will see the holistic difference soon.

Use Voluminizing Product On Hair

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