5 Amazing Fuller’s Earth Packs For Healthy Hair

Fuller's Earth Packs For Healthy Hair

Fuller’s earth has ancient secrets of beautiful and healthy hair and clear skin. It is tremendously useful for hair as well as skin care. The other name of this product is multani mitti because of its texture and colour. It has lots of essential minerals like calcium, quartz, magnesium, iron, dolomite, silica, and calcite. It has unique qualities to absorb excess oil from the scalp and deeply cleans it. When applied on skin, it also happens to tighten the skin and maintains even tone of the skin. Fuller Earth when mixed with other beneficial natural substances proves to be more advantageous and nourishing for hairs!! In this article we will be discussing five amazing Fuller earth’s packs which gives healthy hair.

Here Are The 5 Amazing Fuller’s Earth Packs For Healthy Hair:

Combination Of Rose Water And Fuller’s Earth

If you sweat a lot then this pack is very helpful for you. Mix rose water and fuller earth and make a fine paste of it. Apply this paste to your hairs and keep it for few minutes till it gets dried. Now rinse thoroughly. Fuller Earth is sticky in nature so wash till every particle of it goes away from the hairs and scalp. This helps in efficiently removing excess oil from your hairs and makes it fresh and clean.

Combination of rose water and fuller’s earth

Combination Of Fuller Earth With Almond Oil And Glycerine

This pack is very beneficial for dry hairs. Prepare a mixture of Fuller earth, almonds and glycerine. Apply this pack on your hairs evenly. This helps in not only in properly cleaning of your hairs but also gives it natural radiance and glow to your hairs.

Fuller Earth with almond oil and glycerine

Combination Of Fuller Earth, Curd And Egg

If your hairs and getting dull and thin then try this extremely effective pack. To prepare this pack, you need to make a paste of Fuller Earth, Curd and Egg. Apply this evenly on your hairs and leave it for some time. Curd will give moisture and softness to your hairs. Fuller Earth will deeply clean your hairs and Egg will give lustre and bounce to your hairs making them thick and radiant. You will be surprised to see the texture, thickness and softness of your hairs.

Fuller Earth, Curd and Egg

Combination Of Fuller Earth, Turmeric And Tomato

To have gorgeous looking shiny and healthy hairs you must apply a combination of tomato juiceand fuller earth to your hairs. Turmeric powder has anti-bacterial properties that cures all types of fungal and scalp infections. Tomato is considered good to promote health and shine to hairs.

Fuller Earth, Turmeric and Tomato

Combination Of Fuller’s Earth, Honey And Lemon

Another good hair pack meant for dull oily hairs which lacks shine. This is an excellent hair pack which has lemon that not only frees your hairs from dirt, dust and sweat. Honey makes your hairs silky, smooth and nourished.

Fuller’s Earth, Honey and Lemon

All these hair packs are purely herbal and has cooling effect on the scalp. You can apply this on your hairs without any side effects. So get gorgeous and flaunt your hairs at every event!

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