5 Amazing Floral Tattoo Designs For Women

Floral tattoos are really common these days. Women should get a floral tattoo for the simple fact that flowers represent femininity and the changing phases of a woman’s body. In fact in the West, floral tattoos were meant for women. We do not see men making floral tattoos. Each floral tattoo has a meaning too. If you are actually thinking of getting a tattoo, we suggest you to get a floral tattoo first. It looks pretty and you will appreciate it rest of your life. We have listed the 5 Amazing Floral Tattoo Designs for Women which are absolutely gorgeous. Take a look and pick the best one!

Here Are The 5 Amazing Floral Tattoo Designs For Women:

1. Water Color Floral Tattoo On The Back

The water color floral tattoo tops our list because it looks very classy. The water color floral tattoo is so much in these days. We see many women making this tattoo. You should get a water color tattoo in a pretty color such as mint, lavender, bright pink or orange. We love the pink water color floral tattoo made on the full back. It looks so artistic – just straight out of a painting.

Water Color Floral Tattoo On The Back

2. Geometric Floral Tattoo

We love this one for the fact that it is so neat and precise. Get the geometric floral tattoo as it looks very nice on the back just beneath your neck. Choose a professional tattoo artist who can make this tattoo. It can have different geometric shapes with flowers in them. For example, he could make a triangle, a circle and fill the geometric shapes with different flowers.

Geometric Floral Tattoo

3. Floral Roses Hand Tattoo

Make a black rose or colored red rose on your hand. It looks amazing. This is a popular pick! The rose represents love, beauty and commitment. It is so much popular in American culture. The rose flower tattoo also symbolizes love, new beginnings and hope. You can attach thorns with it so that it shows loss and defense. You should get a rose tattoo done on your hands. It will look very classy and feminine.


4. Black Floral Branch Tattoo

The black floral branch tattoo is great. You can make a branch with flowers on it. Get it done in classic black – it looks really good. Your tattoo artist will be able to tell you what kind of design you should go for. You can get it done on your shoulder blades which go all the way down your arms. The branches can have little buds of flowers and blooming flowers both. It looks very good in plain black.


5. Floral Lotus Tattoo On The Back

Now the lotus flower has a meaning attached to it. There are lot of cultures tied to the lotus flower. The flower represents enlightenment, life and knowledge. You can get a colored lotus tattoo on the back. It could be in the middle where the spine is or where your shoulder blades are. The lotus can be colored in a nice pink. Make sure you make it at the right place from where the beauty of the lotus can be seen.


Get the best tattoo done on you. Floral tattoos are the safest option to go with. Tattoos remain on your body for life so you should choose wisely. Choose the best out of the 5! We love all the tattoos mentioned above. Go for something you will cherish for life.

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