5 Amazing Egyptian Makeup Tips

Egypt is a wonderful country with lots of specialties. Among the various specialties, Egypt is also a place of wonderful makeup tips and beauty secrets as well. Egyptians really care for their makeup. In fact, the technique of makeup which Egyptians use exhibits their status. The makeup of Egypt women really astonishes you. The women of Egypt are free from facial hair which is one of the important basic steps of maintaining a flawless facial skin.

In This Article, Let Us Discuss The Amazing Makeup Tips Of The Egyptians

1. Eyebrows

The Egyptian eyebrow makeup is really special. They tend to keep their eyebrows precise and thin. For obtaining this type of eyebrow look, you need to firstly darken your plucked eyebrows to reach the goal of a biggest possible arch. Then, you are required to get the biggest eyebrow height. This is one of the amazing makeup tips of Egyptian women.


2. Foundation

Egyptians are extraordinary in applying foundation as well. They follow a different set of rules for enhancing their look. They apply foundation on their entire face. You should note here that they apply foundation to their eyelids as well. This gives them an enhanced noticeable look. This process makes them so special.


3. Skin Color

We cannot imagine an Egyptian woman without a wonderful skin tone. Their technique for gaining a perfect skin tone is simple. For this, they prefer to apply an intensive bronzer for their entire face, ears, and neck. They cover these areas with bronzer equally.

Skin Color

4. Eyeliner

This is one of the most renowned steps of all the makeup tips of Egyptians. We are all familiar with the eyeliner look of Egyptian. You can gain this look with some simple steps. Firstly, you need to have black eyeliner. Apply this eyeliner to both the eyelids. Do not forget to connect the ends when you are applying the eyeliner. This gives you an almond shape. You can gain a complete Egyptian look, by blackening the inside of the eyelids. You need to concentrate on the lower eyelid as well. Among all the eyeliners of different colors, black eyeliner pencil gives you the best results.


5. Eyeshadow

The main focal points of Egyptians are the eyes. They use the right eyeshadows for making their eyes as a center of the attraction. They do not use the dark brown or gray eyeshadows. They like to choose the colors such as emerald green, midnight blue, and purple colors for eyeshadow. They also make use of some glitter.


After following all these makeup tips, finish up your makeup by applying translucent lip gloss.

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