5 Amazing Beauty Tips With Ice Cubes

Amazing Beauty Tips With Ice Cubes

If you consider ice cubes to be used only in making your smoothies or drinks, chilled and giving you relief in scorching summer then you are underestimating it’s attributes as ice cubes possess great beauty benefits to offer .

Either you are struggling with sun burn or in a hurry to office yet want a fresh look, this ice cubes can turn out to be a great instant hack, isn’t it amazing? But the list doesn’t end here ice cubes has many other uses to fix your beauty problems. If you are wondering what they are, just scroll down

Here Are The 5 Beauty Tips With Ice Cubes:

Use For Base Make Up:

Ice cube can provide a great base for your make up. Simply rub an ice cube all over your face before wearing make-up. This helps to remove the impurities and excess oil from your skin surface and gives a smooth base for make-up it also helps your make up to stay for longer time. Apart from this ice cubes can also be used as substitute for make-up especially while you are in hurry. It stimulates the blood flow on your face and promotes a fresh-glowing face in a jiffy.

Use for base make up

Treats Puffy Eyes:

Long working hours in office or lack of sleep may bring dark circles or puffy eyes but you don’t need to fret if ice cubes are at help. Best way to treat them is mix cucumber juice and boiled rose water. Next place the solution in deep freezer to get the ice cubes. Now wrap the ice cubes in a wash cloth and place on the puffy eyes or dark circles to banish them.

Treats puffy eyes

Heals Sunburns:

In scorching summer days you are very much likely to get sun burns so if you want an instant relief from this, utilize ice cubes. All you need to do is take few ice cubes in a cloth and wrap them up. Now rub it mildly on your damaged skin and this will give you utmost relief in no time.

Heals Sunburns

Banishes Wrinkles:

Ice cubes can be a great help to prevent signs of aging like fine lines and wrinkle. Simply rub an ice cube on your face for couple of minutes and you are done. This helps to boost the blood circulation on your face and brings a dewy-glowing skin eliminating fine lines and wrinkle. Make sure to cover ice cubes in a wash cloth to avoid skin damage.

Banishes Wrinkles

Cures Acne:

Ice cubes also come for rescue while you are suffering from acne or pimple. Just rubbing an ice cube over pimples not only minimizes inflammation and redness but also relieves the pain.

Cures Acne

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