5 Amazing And Stylish Nail Art Ideas To Beautify Your Toe Nails



Nail Art is very popular these days and is loved by most women across the globe. From stars to models to common women all love to do nail art to beautify their nails. There are various styles of nail art these days which are very popular that you can try out. Not only finger nail art but toe nail art is even equally popular these days as it looks really chic and classy. Like you do finger nail art the same way you can apply various toe nail art designs to beautify your toe nails.

Below Are 5 Amazing And Stylish Nail Art Ideas To Beautify Your Toe Nails

1.Polka Dot Toe Nail Art

Polka dot toe nail art is a very stylish and classy nail art design that you can try out to beautify your toe nails. Polka dot designs always look cool and stylish. To create this stylish look first paint your nails nicely  in any color of your choice and then paint the polka dots in contrasting colours  by using a dotting tool or tooth pick. The round polka dots will give an amazing look to your toe nails and make it look really stylish and classy.


2. Star Toe Nails Art

Another very stylish nail art that you can use on your toe nails is the star toe nails art. Star designs are very easy to draw and gives a very stylish look to the toe nails. You can first paint your nails in a light base colour and after that you can draw designs of stars with either silver or golden nail paint so that it looks beautiful. If you want to give a sparkling effect to the toe nails then you can even add glitters to make it look beautiful. These star patterned toe nails are ideal for night parties.


3. Five Dot Flowers On Toe Nails

Another stylish toe nail art design that you can try out to beautify your toe nails is the five dot flowers on toe nails. Creating this five dot pattern flowers on the toe nails especially on the thumbs is very easy and also gives a very classy and stylish effect. First apply a base colour on your toe nails and after that paint a nice flower using five dots symbolizing petals as that gives a beautiful effect to your toe nails. If you are wearing sort dress then this nail art looks absolutely stunning.


4. Lady Bug Toe Nail Art

Another cool and stylish nail art that you can try out is the lady bug toe nail art. Lady bug patterns on your toe nails look extremely cool and chic. You can paint the lady bug designs by using red and black colors. You can paint the base of your nail in red and after that you can draw black dots on the red colour as that will give a cool lady bug like effect. This toe nail art looks extremely cool and funky.


5. Sticker Toe Nail Art

Sticker toe nail art is another really cool and stylish toe nail art that you can try out to beautify your toe nails. Instead of hand painted designs you can apply cool and funky stickers on your toes as that also gives a cool effect. Sweet little stickers are available in the market that you can just stick on the toes in the form of nail art as that will give a beautiful look. You can apply these stickers based on the occasion that you are going for.


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