5 Amazing And Stunning French Tip Nail Art Designs

Nail art has become a very popular these days and all women love to have nice manicured nails with nail art done on it so that their nails and hands look beautiful. Nail art if done properly can make your nails looks extremely beautiful.

There are various types of manicures and nail arts that you can try out to beautify your nails. Among the different nail arts the French tip nail arts are very popular and makes the nails look very stylish. Moreover this nail art looks extremely classy and loved by most working women as it is very easy to maintain and easy to carry at work places.

Here Are The 5 Amazing And Stunning  French Tip Nail Art Designs:

1. Glittering French Tips

Glittering French tips nail art is an amazing and stunning nail art design that you can try out to make your nails look extremely beautiful. You can segregate the French tip section with the application of nice and colourful glitters. To create this nail art first apply a transparent nail polish and after that with a fan brush apply the colourful glitters on the tip of the nail. Leave the nail art for some time so that it dries up. This nail art will make you nails looks extremely stylish.


2. Stamped French Tips

Stamped French tips is another very cool and stylish French tip nail art design that you can try out to beautify your nails. This is a very simple and easy nail art design that you can try out easily. To create this nail art first  paint the French tips in  colours like light skin pink and white. After this select a nice floral stamping design and stamp the design on the nail nicely. This will give your nails very nice and beautiful effect.


3. French Tips On Matte Nail Polish

French tips on matte nail polish is another stunning nail art design that you can try out to make your nails look beautiful. Matte nail polishes are a new trend these days which are loved by most women. To create this cool nail art first apply a matte black nail polish on the nails nicely. After this with a normal black polish make the tips of the nails shiny. This will give a very classy and stylish effect to your nails.


4. Air Brushed French Tips

Another cool and classy French tip nail art design that you can try out is the air brushed French tips. This nail art is very cool and stylish and lasts for a very long time. To create this nail art apply the air brush techniques and you can even use stencils to create creative designs. If you want the nails to look colourful then apply cool and bold colours to beautify your nails.


5. Free Hand French Tips

One more nail art French tip design that you can try out to beautify your nails is the free hand French tips. Those women who are good at free hand drawing can try out this free hand French tips to make the nails look beautiful. If you want you can even stick some rhinestones on the nails to further beautify the nails. You can try this nail art if you are going out for parties.



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