4 Tips To Maintain Weight During The Holiday Season

Tips To Maintain Weight During The Holiday Season

The holiday season is here and you are already worried that all those kilos that you had shed off in the gym will come back piling on. But no matter what there are ways to stay fit and maintain your weight during this season of eating too. Here are some quick tips-

1. Carry Around A Full Plate

Make sure that you don’t empty your plate at gatherings and get togethers. This way, there’s no room for more and hence people will not pile more food on your plate. What happens is that no matter what you do at social gatherings, there are servers all around the room who insist that you take another portion of the sweet or biryani.

Carry Around A Full Plate

2. Eat Before You Head to Festivities

There is no doubt that all the good food, especially sweets tempt you to eat a little more. But all of that is going to add to your waistline. What you should do here is try to eat a little extra from home. This could include salads, a bowl of yogurt or even some kind of fruit. This way you don’t have to worry about feeling very hungry and thus overstuff yourself.

Eat Before You Head to Festivities

3. Choose Sensibly

Another suggestion is that you choose what you eat. The piles of ghee laden laddoos along with that tempting cake and fried foods really make you want more. But what you should do is eat or at least pick your food sensibly. Don’t avoid sweets all together, but instead opt for half a portion or stick to safer desserts like fruit salads that are low on calories and high on nutrients.

Choose Sensibly

4. Burn up More

So you are really not a diet control freak and believe in eating to your hearts content. After all the festive season won’t last long. But what you can do here is increase your exercise or at least make sure that burn what you consume. The first thing to do here is make sure that you exercise everyday or at least 5 days a week.

Burn up More

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