4 Quick Tips That Work For Long Term Weight Loss

Quick Tips That Work For Long Term Weight Loss

When it comes to weight loss, you often spend so much time pondering over different techniques that you go wrong with the basics. The thing is losing weight is not really a one time thing. When you lose weight, you have to make efforts to keep it off too. Sometimes, it is the little things that prevent you from maintaining that weight.

You would wonder, why is that you are not able to keep weight off for a longer time. It always comes back and then you are juggling a hectic schedule and over tiring yourself. Here are some simple tips to lose weight and keep it off-

Think Of Fun Weight Loss Methods

Try out other ways of making yourself more active. For instance, how about running around and helping with the serving at parties. This way you will walk around a lot more and also burn up that sweet. Another idea is to walk after dinner. For  instance, if you went to a neighbours house, then try to walk back instead of taking the car, use the stairs instead of the lift, etc.

Tip- Avoid sitting or lazing around to keep yourself active.

Think Of Fun Weight Loss Methods


Avoid Artificially Sweetened Drinks

For fried foods, the same rule applies. It is the festive season so don’t really deprive yourself completely, but indulge carefully. Other tips that you should really stick to is avoiding aerated drinks all together. Opt for nimbu paani or even juices. If there is wine on the menu, that is still a more viable option as compared to consuming calorie laden drinks.

Tip- Opt for toasted or pan fried foods and avoid artificially sweetened drinks.

Avoid artificially sweetened drinks

Snacking Right

Make sure that you snack healthy to fill your stomach lightly but have enough room to enjoy a bit of food at parties and gatherings. For instance, if you are having a Christmas gathering eat a salad or a granola bar to get some healthy nutrients and then bite into smaller portions of unhealthier but lip smacking foods.

Tip- Carry water with your or drink more of water prior to eating.

Snacking Right

Avoid Over Piling

What happens is that you have piles of food on your plate but no appetite. And since you hate wasting food you try to eat as much as you can and the result is overeating. But if you simply don’t consume the food or wait till the end, then you can really avoid getting overladen.

Tip- Try to carry a small pouch or zip lock with you and simply dump the food in there. You can give it away to beggars or feed strays. At least you feel less guilty.

Avoid Over Piling

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