4 Perfect Eyebrow Shape Ideas For Round Face Shape


 Eyebrow Shape Ideas For Round Face Shape

Eyebrows are an important feature of your face. Well-shaped brows can enhance your overall appearance and also highlight the beauty of the face. Perfect brows can make you look young, beautiful and sexier. If the eyebrows are not trimmed or done properly it can give you an untidy or dull look. Therefore, in a way, they can either add or suppress your beauty.

There are different kinds of eyebrow shapes to complement each face shape. An eyebrow shape that looks good on say round face, may not necessarily suit a person with heart face shape. So before deciding on your eyebrow shape you must be aware of your face shape and choose one that adds to the beauty of your facial traits and shape. There are basically 6 types of face shapes, namely, round, oval, square, heart, long and diamond. In this section we highlight the best eyebrow shapes for round face shapes.

1. Eyebrow Shapes For Round Face:

Round face shape looks broader than usual, chin is slightly rounded off and the face has no angles. This makes the face look fuller and fatter. Round face shape beauties, therefore need eyebrow shapes that will make the face look thinner. The eyebrow must be shaped in a way to make the face appear less rounded. Celebrities like Emma Watson have round face shape and look stunning with their perfectly shaped brows. Giving below are 4 eyebrow shapes suitable for round faces.

Eyebrow Shapes for Round Face

2. Hard Angled Eyebrow Shape:

In order to make the face look less rounded, it is essential to elongate the face shape to the maximum. This can easily be achieved with a high or arch eyebrow shape. It is also the best eyebrow shape for round faces. Round face females should always avoid gentle or soft arches as it will impart a more rounded appearance. In order to get hard angles eyebrow shape keep your brow line straight till the peak and then bend low towards the edges. This eyebrow shape will highlight your eyes and also make the face look thinner.

Hard Angled Eyebrow Shape


3. Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape

A soft angles eyebrow shape also look good on round face beauties. This kind of brow shapes has soft curves and peaks. The arches can even be high or low, as per your liking. However, high arches look extremely good on round face shape as it gives a thinner appearance instead of broad. Women who do not prefer hard angled brows can conveniently opt for soft angled eyebrows. This eyebrow shape imparts an elongated and thinner look that is most apt for round face shapes. To get this shape, your brow line runs straight and then curves softly near the top and at the corners.

Soft Angled Eyebrow Shape

4. Medium Arches:

Medium arches on a round face look stunning and increase the aesthetics of your face. If your brows are thick and full, this kind of shape looks even better. In order to get the medium arch, you need eyebrow pencil or eyeliner. The color of the pencil should match your natural brow color. To create the medium arch, draw small strokes from outer to the top brow of the arch. You can even use a concealer to impart a clean effect.

 Medium Arches


5. S-Shaped

The S-shaped eyebrow shape somewhat resembles the soft angles eyebrow shape. This shape starts with faintly curved brow line and the angles are rounded. S-shapes eyebrow shape will make the round face look longer. Tho’s shape will definitely add glamour to your look. Since the shape of the brow is somewhat like the letter S, this shape is called S-shaped eyebrow shape.


6. Tips For Beautiful Eyebrows

You have just learned about the perfect eyebrow shapes for your round face. Take a look at these helpful tips that will make your brows look naturally beautiful. First and foremost you must always use a dark eyebrow pencil to cover up the gaps in your brows. This will impart them a natural look. Also after getting your eyebrows shaped, you must use some brow powder to remove any excess oil. Frequently brush your eyebrows with a soft brush and massage gently using your fingers to improve blood circulation in that area. Like other body parts, your brows also need to be moisturized to prevent hair loss. Ginger juice works best in this regard and should be applied often to your brows. Tweezing is a good way to get rid of unwanted hair below your eyebrows, but too much of tweezing can even cause permanent loss of hair.

Tips for beautiful Eyebrows

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