4 Chic Hair Styles For The Summer

4 Trendy Chic Hair Styles For The Summer

With the summer months here, hairstyles are also getting a chic makeover like your outfits. The beauty of these hairstyles is that they let you enjoy the most of the summer months, without trying too hard.Not only are they easy to do, but they also let you enjoy the humid and hot months, without your hair being out of place or compromising on your fashion style. Check them out-

1. Messy Braid

Who wants the neat gal look when you can go sexy and messy. The style looks awesome with both formal and informal looks. You can opt for a messy french or even fish tail braid like Kristen Steward. To add a bit of change, opt for the neat braid or ponytail like Jeniffer Aniston.

Messy Braid


2. Beach Waves

Whether you head to the beach or not, these soft waves add that oomph factor to your overall personna. The style can be worn with either a center or even side sweep. You don’t have to do much except scrunching your hair with some serum or leaving it in a few tight braids overnight. And voila, you are all set in a few hours to flaunt this style.

Beach Waves


3. Buns

You can go neat, messy, sleek or even ruffled up. There is so much that buns are offering this season. You can pile them up any way you like and accessorize with beads, flowers or funky embellishments. Think sweet and adorable side buns or the cute topknot or even leave it a little loose and messy. These are perfect for the hottest of days.



4. Greaser

If you want to look sensous and hot and ready for the red carpet, the greaser is your style. The basic slicked back style works for everyone because it is mess free and stays in place. Sure you will need some good styling gel but be assured that wet look works, especially for frizzy and unmanageable hair.




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