4 Best Masks For Your Skin

Masks For Your Skin

Skin is one of the most important parts of the body and everyone wants to have a beautiful and healthy skin. A number of products are available in the market that claims to do wonder and make you beautiful. We are not publicising any product here instead we want you to imagine the power of natural products. Getting a healthy and a beautiful skin is very easy if you use natural products and have you ever thought that just by using some of the simple mud masks you can get rid of a number of skin problems like acne, pimples, spots, aging signs etc. Without confusing you more here are the best mud masks that you can use to get a beautiful skin.

Here Are 4 Best Masks For Your Skin:

Anti Acne Mask For Oily Skin

One of the major problems that everyone faces is the problem of acne. No matters who you are, what your age the problem is same and severe. Excessive oil and extreme dryness are the major factors that cause acne breakout but you can get rid of the problem by using these masks. If you have an oily skin then all you need is some green clay, yogurt and rose water.Prepare a mixture by mixing green clay powder and yogurt. Add a small amount of rose water to it and apply the mixture over your facial skin and leave it for about 20 minutes. Once the mask dries out, use cold water to rinse it off.

oily skin

Anti Acne Mask For Dry Skin

Dry skin is a very serious problem faced by a lot of people and a dry skin is very difficult to manage. Lack of moisture is the main reason behind the dryness of skin White clay is however very effective in locking the moisture in the skin. Therefore you need ti get some white clay powder, honey and rose water. Make a mixture of white clay powder and honey. Add rose water to it and apply the mask over your facial skin and leave it for 20 minutes followed by rinsing off after half an hour.

dry skin

Anti Aging Mask

The appearance of aging marks on the skin is enough to make someone embarrass. Several factors like nutritional deficiencies and inactive life style lead to aging signs but you can easily reduce the problem by using sea clay powder, egg white, green tea extracts and rose water. Prepare a mixture by mixing sea clay and lemon juice. Add green tea extracts an egg white to it. Apply the mixture over your face and leave it for about 20 minutes. You can also add rose water to make it more effective. Use normal water to rinse off the mixture and repeat regularly to get the youthful look back.

Anti aging mask

Fairness Mud Mask

Pollution, oil, dirt, exposure to sun light etc affect the beauty of your skin and make your skin look dull. Therefore it is advisable to get some green clay, mashed cucumber and straw berry, milk and honey. First of all mix green clay powder, honey and milk to make a mixture. The next step is to add mashed cucumbers and straw berries to the mixture in order to get a smooth paste. Apply this paste over your skin and set it to get dry. Rinse it off using lukewarm water to get a clearer and a fairer skin.

Fairness mud mask

So girls get ready and try these simple mud masks to get an overall beautiful and a youthful look.

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