4 Best Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone


4 Best Hair Colors For Your Skin Tone

Selecting the perfect hair color for highlighting the tresses is not easy. Instead of following the hair coloring trend of your favorite celebrity whose skin tone may not match your skin color, to boost your appearance without appearing awkward, go for a color that perfectly matches your skin tone. Are you in a quandary about selecting a hair color that best suits your skin tone?

Here Is A Quick Guide To Help You Find The Perfect Color For Your Tresses:

1. Olive Skin Tones

Different hues of brown perfectly complement the olive skin tone. If you have brown eyes, highlight your tresses with dark brown shades. Medium to light brown hues are more suitable for women with olive skin tones who have blue or green colored eyes.


2. Fair Skin Tones

The lighter hues are more suitable for the fair skin. Honey, butterscotch and the strawberry blond colors are aptly suited for the warm and peachy skin tone. If you have porcelain skin, opt for brunette, platinum or red highlights.

Fair Skin Tones

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3. Medium Skin Tones

Opt for the darker hair colors if you have medium skin tone. The bolder shades of brown can be used for covering the gray hair as well as for highlighting the tresses. For the sun kissed complexion, go for the golden caramel shades.

Medium Skin Tones

4. Dark Skin Tones

Rich warm colors such as mahogany, maple brown, caramel or toffee are perfect for coloring or highlighting the tresses if you have a dark skin tone. If you have a cooler skin undertone, the cooler shades of brown or burgundy are more suitable for coloring your hair.

Dark Skin Tones

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