4 Best Eyebrows For A Square Face

4 Best Eyebrows For A Square Face

Your eyebrows frame your face. While perfectly shaped eyebrows enhance your facial features and add to your appearance, bad eyebrows spoil your looks. Moreover, by taking the cue from your favorite glamorous celebrity you cannot shape your eyebrows, because the eyebrow shape that works for one person does not work for another. The eyebrow that best suits you depends upon the shape of your face.

There are seven types of face shapes – oval, oblong, diamond, round, heart-shaped, triangular and square. A square face is defined by a strong jaw line, which is almost of the same width as that of the forehead and the cheekbones. The eyebrow shape that balances the heavy jaw line best suits the square face. Examples of famous celebrities with square faces are Angelina Jolie, Demi Moore, Katie Holmes, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Kareena Kapoor.

Here Are Some Of The Best Eyebrow Shape Options For The Square Face:

1. Thick And Angled Eyebrow

Tired of the dramatic curves and high arched eyebrows, if you want to try a natural look, opt for the thick angled eyebrow with low arch. This eyebrow shape helps in complementing the broad temple of the square face and softens the heavy jaw line.

Thick And Angled Eyebrow

2. Thick And Straight Eyebrow

The straight and clean shape suits perfectly the square face.The broad and heavy jaw line of the square face is perfectly balanced by the eyebrow. You can check Demi Moore’s eyebrow for reference. The slightly arched eyebrow attained by removing the hair strands in a row helps in maintaining the natural look of the eyebrow.

Thick And Straight Eyebrow

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3. S-Shaped Curved Eyebrow

The S-shaped curved eyebrow helps to soften and accentuate the jaw line. With a straight inner section and a slightly curved outer section, the eyebrow helps to complement the strong facial features of the square face. The peak of the eyebrow arch should be aligned with the widest angle of the jaw. This helps in making the face look longer.

S-Shaped Curved Eyebrow

4. Petite Angled Eyebrow

Although thick and slightly angled eyebrows work best on square face, you can even try the petite angled shape for a dramatic look. The high arch of the eyebrow helps in elongating the face. The thin angled eyebrow adds softness to the face as long as you do not make it too thin.

Petite Angled Eyebrow

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