4 Avocado Hair Masks For Frizz-Free Beautiful Hair

Avocado Hair Masks For Frizz-Free Beautiful Hair

Whether you are trying to find a solution to impart life back into your damaged hair strands or control the frizz of your dry hair, you can get a solution to all sorts of hair problems with an avocado mask – obviously by using different avocado masks for different hair problems. Listed here are some avocado mask which will give back the luster, shine, smoothness and suppleness to your hair that you have been longing for.

Here Are 4 Avocado Hair Masks For Frizz-Free Beautiful Hair:

Avocado And Olive Oil Mask

Avocado is a fabulous hair conditioner and when mixed with olive oil, the yielding hair mask can be used to tame even the most unruly frizz. This is a simple hair mask, which requires 1 whole avocado and 2 tablespoons of olive oil. First, mash the avocado meat and then combine it with olive oil. Apply the mask on dry hair; let it sit for 30-40 minutes and then rinse off with lukewarm water. Air-dry hair as usual.

Avocado And Olive Oil Mask

Avocado, Mayonnaise And Honey Mask

If your hair is damaged and has turned dry like hay, this avocado hair mask will definitely come to your rescue. It’s a moisture-bomb and the protein available in mayonnaise will also help restore the natural softness and suppleness of the hair strands by healing them from within. To prepare this protein mask, simply mix1 tablespoon of full-fat mayonnaise with 1 avocado and 1 teaspoon of organic honey; apply it on dry hair and rinse with a gentle shampoo to get rid of greasiness.

Avocado, mayonnaise and honey mask

Avocado Honey Olive Oil

Honey is a humectant, which is why it helps to tame hair frizz by drawing moisture to it from the environment. Honey mixed with avocado and olive oil is a fabulous hair mask for normal to dry hair. It tames frizzy hair and imparts a brilliant shine to it.

Avocado honey olive oil

Avocado Egg Yolk Honey

Ideal for all hair types, especially for normal to dry hair, a honey and egg yolk hair mask is super hydrating and helps to soften hair. Just as with any hair mask, apply and leave it on your hair for 30 minutes before rinsing with a gentle shampoo. You may also observe new hair growth with this protein mask.

Avocado egg yolk honey

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