30 Superb Hair Styling Hacks Every Girl Should Know


30 Superb Hair Styling Hacks Every Girl Should Know

So most of the time you are running late and you are left with no time to do your hair? If you find yourself stuck in this situation very often, take a look at these 30 superb hairstyling hacks and look glamorous in no time at all. This guide is must-know for every girl and will help her to look stunning without even visiting the salon!

Tip 1

If you want to get curls quickly, start curling your hair with the curling iron from the middle and not towards the end. This way your curls will also last longer.

Curling Your Hair

Tip 2

When using hairspray to keep your hair in place, spray some hairspray on any old toothbrush and then run this brush along your strands. Too much off hairspray is unpleasant while this trick balances the act.


Tip 3

When you blow dry your hair, always use a boar bristle brush. This will help to remove natural oil from your tresses and also give then some shine.

Boar Bristle Brush

Tip 4

You want to get curls in the morning without using curlers or hair dryer. Just braid your wet hair at night and sleep. Wake up next morning and open the braids to get soft bouncy waves instantly.

Braid Your Wet Hair At Night And Sleep

Tip 5

When you realize you will not have enough time to shampoo your hair next morning before going to work, simply use dry shampoo on your hair before going to sleep. The shampoo will reach your strands and give your healthy-looking clean mane in the morning.

Use Dry Shampoo On Your Hair Before Going To Sleep

Tip 6

In order to, make your hair look fuller and longer, volumize your hair with two ponytails one below the other.

Volumize Your Hair With Two Ponytails

Tip 7

Clean your hair brushes frequently to ensure that they work optimally. Remove all the hair from your brush and soak in warm water for some time. Add little shampoo and clean gently.

Clean Your Hair Brushes Frequently

Tip 8

If your hair is straight and the bobby pins always slide through them, place all your pins on a towel and spray some dry shampoo or hairspray on them. This will keep your pins in place.

Tip 9

Alternate your blow dryer with warm and cold air to get the best styling effect.

Blow Dryer With Warm And Cold Air

Tip 10

If the curls do not stay intact in your straight hair, try curling them using aluminium foil. Divide your hair and roll up using aluminium foil squares and heat for about 30 seconds. Cool and remove the foil pieces to get curled effect.

Tip 11

Use clip-on hair extensions to give temporary color or length to your hair. If you desire to sport long hair for a party, this is the most convenient and inexpensive option.

Tip 12

When curling straight hair, do not curl the last ½ inch hair with the curling iron and you will get modern, natural look instantly.

Do Not Curl The Last ½ Inch Hair With The Curling Iron

Tip 13

To get volume, shampoo your hair previous night and apply some volumising gel before twisting it in a bun. Leave it on sleep and blow dry with the bun intact. Open and enjoy bouncy hair.

Tip 14

To avoid frizzy hair, pat your hair gently with a towel as you step out of your shower. This will give your tresses extra moisture and avoid rubbing your hair with the towel.

Avoid Rubbing Your Hair With The Towel

Tip 15

To get bangs without cutting your hair, just make a ponytail right on the top of the head. You will be able to create and illusion of bangs.

Tip 16

To pop your ponytails, prop them up using bobby pins. As easy is it sounds.

Pop Your Ponytails Using Bobby Pins

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Tip 17

When you want to make your ponytails look fuller, use a medium-sized butterfly clip below the ponytail and over the hair tie.

Tip 18

If you do not have time for curls, tie your hair in a ponytail. Divide it then into 2-3 sections and curl using a curling iron. When done. Open the ponytail and get your curls ready.

Tip 19

Braid a small section of your hair starting from the forehead and tuck it at the back of your ear. You will look classy effortlessly.

Braid A Small Section Of Your Hair Starting From Forehead

Tip 20

To make a twisty bun yourself, part your hair into two pigtails and braid them. Wrap these two braids together and secure them at the back with bobby pins.

Tip 21

When you are short of time to curl your hair intricately, make 6 or more braids and heat these braids using a flat iron. Open the braids and get your curls ready.

Tip 22

To give volume to your straight and thin hair, blow dry your hair upside down while wet. This will give you instant volume, comb lightly later.

Tip 23

When securing your hair with bobby pins at the back, next time use contrast color pins and pin them to form a triangle. You will get an instant hair ornament.

Securing Your Hair With Bobby Pins At The Back

Tip 24

Sport an elegant look without much do, by simply pulling the front part of your hair back to get a half-up hairstyle.

Tip 25

Hair tie lines look awfully bad when you let your hair down. So to avoid them, just tie up your hair loosely in a creaseless way during the work time and let it down whenever you want, without those hair tie lines.

Tip 26

You like short bangs, but if they trouble you while working or you simply want a different look with them, tie them in a French braid on the top of your head.

Tie Them In A French Braid On The Top Of Your Head

Tip 27

You don’t want to use hot curlers on your hair to avoid damage but still can’t get over your love for curls. Just wrap your wet, long hair in a headband and sleep while it is still intact. Open up next morning and you are ready with your curls.

Tip 28

Do you want to get a bob look without letting go your long hair? Make a loose, low braid right at the nape of the neck and secure the braid right there with the help of pins. This will help you create an illusion of bob look.

Tip 29

When you can’t find your curling iron, simply wrap your tresses in your socks and get the wavy look.

Tip 30

Lastly, to get quick DIY hairstyling tricks, you must know the use of your brushes. The large round brush is used for straightening, small round brush is used for volume and curls and for smoothing use addle brushes.

Large Round Brush Is Used For Straightening

These 30 hairstyling hacks are simply amazing and a must try on for every young girl. These tricks will make you look stunning and centre of attraction everywhere. Go Girl!

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