3 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin Toning

Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin Toning

Apple cider vinegar is a staple in most kitchens. But very few people know that it can be used as all-natural beauty product also. Using apple cider vinegar as skin toner can bring a noticeable change in your skin tone by balancing and restoring the skin’s natural pH level. When pH level of the skin is out of balance, we experience breakouts, clogged pores, skin become either too oily or too dry. By restoring the skin’s balance and shrinking the pores, ACV helps the skin function optimally by removing lingering traces of oil, dirt and makeup. As pores do not get clogged with bacteria and dead skin cells, our skin remains healthy. Some additional benefits of ACV toner is being high in Alpha-hydroxy acid, it helps to improve your skin complexion, lightens sun spots and you get even skin tone.

Here Are 3 Ways To Use Apple Cider Vinegar For Skin Toning

1. ACV And Witch Hazel Toner

Take ¼ cup of apple cider vinegar, 3-4 drops of lemon essential oil, 2-3 drops of tea tree essential oil (optional) ¼ cup of witch hazel extract, 1tbsp of aloe Vera gel (optional) and put them in a spray bottle or any glass bottle. Shake well to blend. Your apple cider vinegar toner is ready. You can store it in refrigerator and use daily after washing your face. Either apply using a cotton ball or directly spray on your face.

ACV And Witch Hazel Toner

2. Raw ACV Toner

Combine 1 part of raw apple cider vinegar to 4 parts of purified water. Add 3-4 drops of essential oil of your choice like lavender or tea tree oil. You can reduce water if you have oily skin to 1part of water and 1part of vinegar if you have oily skin. But before application do a patch test. Store it in a glass bottle and apply every day. You can always experiment with the ratio, especially when you have sensitive skin.

Raw ACV Toner

3. Green Tea And ACV Toner

You can make your apple cider vinegar toner more powerful and nutrient rich by customizing your toner brewing green tea, chamomile tea instead of using plain purified water or infuse the water in the mixture with fresh herbs or additional nutrients and aromas. For infusing fresh herbs, just chop the herb of your choice. When the water gets boiled, add the herbs and simmer over low heat for 20minutes. Allow the mixture to cool after straining. Add in place of regular water in your ACV toner for an awesome smell.

Green Tea And ACV Toner

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