3 Nourishing DIY Hair Masks To Tame Your Dry Frizzy Hair

DIY hair masks for dry frizzy hair

Dry, frizzy hair needs some extra care as they get out of control with the change of weather. DIY hair masks are good way to nourish and revamp the lost moisture and bring back their shine and luster, without wasting your money on expensive branded frizz fighting products which mostly contain unwanted chemicals. Feed and nourish your damaged hair with these simple natural ingredients which contains powerful nutrients most of which are normally available in your kitchen. Here are 3 incredible homemade hair masks for your dry, unruly frizzy hair which will nourish the hair follicles from within by moisturizing, hydrating and nourishing them.

Here Are The 3 Diy Hair Masks For Dry, Frizzy Hair:

Coconut Oil And Honey Hair Mask

Just using these two simple ingredients you can make a nourishing hair mask that will nurture your dry, frizzy hair with healthy fats and vitamins and transform your hair into soft, shiny silky tresses. Coconut oil is high in fatty acids and also contains protein, zinc, potassium, iron, vitamin B and C. it has amazing hair moisturizing and conditioning properties. Honey, on the other hand is also full of powerful vitamins and minerals with antioxidant and anti-bacterial properties. Honey is natural humectant, fantastic moisturizer which will condition and soften your dry, frizzy hair at the deepest level. Combining these two ingredients will make your tresses shiny, bouncy and healthy. You can use this hair masks as often as you want as both the ingredients are natural and safe.

Coconut oil and Honey hair mask

Nourishing Hair Mask With Egg And Olive Oil

Egg is very nourishing for dry, frizzy and damaged hair as eggs are rich in protein, fat and vitamins. It helps to hydrate and lubricate the hair and transform rough frizzy hair into soft silky locks. When combined with olive oil which has amazing moisturizing and nourishing properties, this homemade hair mask revitalizes your hair by deep conditioning the hair and also strengthens hair follicles and roots and prevents hair breakage and hair fall as well.

Nourishing hair mask with egg and olive oil


Take 1 egg and whisk the egg yolk in mixing bowl, add 1tbsp olive oil to it and mix thoroughly. Apply the mask on your scalp and hair and massage your scalp gently. Cover your head with shower cap and allow it to work for at least 15 minutes. Rinse your hair thoroughly with cold water and shampoo your hair as usual to remove the smell of egg. No extra conditioning is required as olive oil will leave your hair soft and shiny.

Mayonnaise, Egg, Honey Hair Mask

Mayonnaise has amazing anti-frizz quality and when combined with egg and honey, it can work wonder to tame your stubborn and wild frizzy hair. Eggs are again very nourishing for dry, frizzy hair as it soften the strands along with nourishing the roots and the scalp of your hair. Honey is another ingredient which will help to lock moisture on your hair by hydrating them.

Mayonnaise, egg, honey hair mask


Whisk the egg in a bowl until it turns foamy. Add 2 tbsp. mayonnaise and 1 tbsp. honey to it. Mix again to get a creamy texture. Wet you hair and apply the mask all over your hair and scalp. Massage for 2-3 minutes gently with your fingertips in circular motion. When you finish, wear a shower cap bringing all your hair at the top of your head. Allow the mask to work for 15-20 minutes. Wash your hair thoroughly with tepid water until the mask is removed from your hair completely. Shampoo and condition your hair as usual with good organic shampoo. Instead of dry dull hair, you will get soft, lustrous hair.

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