3 Easy Eye Makeup Lessons For Absolute Beginners

In this most fashionable world, makeup can do so many magical things; where your eye makeup can simply define how dramatic or natural your look is. When taking first step towards makeup appication, the very first problem a lady can face is that of eye makeup. Proper application of eye makeup is completely useful skill as it helps you to learn simple process to use everyday or you can look stunning for any special occassions. Making few mistakes are just part of learning process.

Here Are Best Tips For All The Beginners Which Can Help You To Look And Feel Your Best.

Eye Makeup Process Has Been Divided In Three Different Parts:

(1) Eyeliner Tips
(2) Mascara Tips
(3) Eyeshadow Tips

 Eyeliner Tips:

Firstly, you must have to use makeup remover for smudge-proof application with eyeliner to make sure your eyelashes are oil free. Just keep your eyes open and line outer corners of eyes while looking straight into mirror in order to get perfect wing. Make sure to use pencil eyeliner for beautiful & smoky eye. Ensure to try your best to apply eye-lines as close as possible to lash line so may be it looks as a part of natural lashline.

Eyeliner Tips

Mascara Tips:

Use the mascara from the starting of your lashes which helps you to look with enough volume and doesn’t weigh down your eyelashes. You must have to coat on layers of mascara in order to keep your lashes look heavy and inelegant. If you wish to use eyelash curler after applying the mascara, then one must have to keep eyes semi-wet. You can also use tissue paper under your lashes while applying mascara on the lower lashes for preventing smudging your makeup.

Mascara Tips

Eye Shadow Tips:

Start applying eyeshadow with eye primer or eye base and after that apply it to entire area of eye. Make sure to purchase high-quality brushes. Use flat brushes for depositing eyeshadow and fluffy brushes for blending. In order to stand out eyeshadow color, then you must have to use white pencil on eyelids before applying eyeshadows.

Eye Shadow Tips

These are all tips about eye makeup for beginners which cover almost all the bases.If you are beginner, hopefully all these steps helped you out.

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