3 DIY Floral Hairbands For A Party!

Carrying a hairband on your silky hairs is a great way to spice your style. It adds to your face beauty giving you a fairy look and you can flaunt in your favourite dress. The best part of this hair accessory is that you can make it yourself at home in no time and customize it as per your needs. You can choose to add a variety of colours to make a trendy piece. You don’t need to rush to market and spend much bucks on a fancy hairband just for attending a small party.

Material used – You need some artificial colourful flowers, scissors, elastic,fevicryl (fabric glue), a small chain to tie (optional).

Follow the video and learn how to make a cute hairband for a party.

We do have a bad day when we can’t shampoo our hairs early in the morning due to tight schedule and your hairs look dirty and messy. You can’t skip your office or afford to go late for work at the same time you are invited for a birthday party in the evening, so what to do? Believe me in such days, if you simply comb your hairs with a hair brush and wear a hairband of your choice you can easily cover your bad hairs nicely. It not only looks amazingly beautiful but also makes you look young and party freak!

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