3 Amazingly Easy Ways To Treat Dandruff With Listerine

 Treat Dandruff With Listerine

Ever thought that Listerine, other than killing bacteria present in your mouth and treating unpleasant mouth odor can be used for other purposes too? One of the “other” uses of Listerine is dandruff treatment. Excessive growth of yeasts on the scalp triggers dandruff breakout. Hence, remedies that help in inhibiting fungal growth are also effective in treating dandruff.

Listerine contains a number of anti-fungal ingredients such as eucalyptol, thymol, menthol and methyl salicylate. Applying Listerine to the scalp can help in reducing growth of the fungi on the scalp. If you are suffering from dandruff, you can use your favorite mouthwash to get rid of the annoying skin flakes from your scalp and hair in the following ways.

Following Ways To Treat Dandruff With Listerine:

1. Wash Your Hair

Before applying Listerine to your scalp, thoroughly wash your hair with good quality shampoo. Squeeze the excess water from your hair. Apply Listerine on wet hair.

Washing Hair Daily Hydrates The Skin

2. How To Apply Listerine

Pour a cap of Listerine in a bowl. The yellow Listerine, which is the original mouthwash formula, is considered best for dandruff treatment. With your finger tips, apply Listerine to your scalp. To protect your eyes from the mouthwash, tilt your head backwards while applying Listerine.

Scalp massage

3. Rinse Your Hair

Leave the Listerine on your scalp for five minutes. Thoroughly rinse your scalp and hair.

Hair Rinse for Dull Hair

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4. Reapply Listerine

Repeat the Listerine treatment everyday for two to four weeks. You will start noticing less dandruff on your scalp and hair.

Oiling And Massaging Scalp And Hair

5. Listerine And Witch Hazel

While the aforementioned dandruff treatment is most effective for mild dandruff, for moderate to severe cases of dandruff, Listerine is usually combined with witch hazel. Witch hazel helps in soothing the scalp and reduces itching. The astringent and anti-inflammatory properties of witch hazel help in providing fast relief from dandruff.

Listerine And Witch Hazel

How To Use

Mix one cap of Listerine with one cap of witch hazel and eight caps of water. After washing your hair, while your scalp and hair is still damp, apply the mixture on your scalp. Leave it on your scalp for five minutes and then rinse.

How To Use


6. Listerine And Baby Oil

Dandruff is usually related to excessive dryness of the scalp. To moisturize your scalp while treating dandruff, combine Listerine with baby oil. Baby oil soothes the irritated scalp and is ideal for the sensitive scalp. Combine one tablespoon each of Listerine, baby oil and water. Apply the mixture on your scalp and then rinse your hair after 10 minutes.

Listerine And Baby Oil