25 Must Know Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks

Must Know Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks

They say a girl’s life is always on the move. In such a lifestyle, it may often be very difficult to spend time enhancing our beauty quotient. Especially on weekends, all many women would want to do is relax at home and spend time with families. We have tried to list here 25 hacks, that every lazy or on the go girl should know. These would help make your life so much easier.

Here Are The 25 Must Know Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks:

1. Always Carry Baby Wipes

They instantly freshen up your skin, help to remove the dust and dirt, and are very mild even for sensitive skins. So in situations where you do not have time for an entire face wash routine or too lazy for it, they work wonders.

facial wipes

2. Always Carry Compact Powder In Your Purse

A touch of compact works better than any makeup. Buy a larger brush that will cover major area of your face, and a compact that would suit your skin tone. It works like magic, by making your skin look more radiant and even.

Lakme absolute white intense wet and dry compact

3. Petroleum Jelly

You may not have the time for applying a full lipstick. However, a touch of petroleum jelly can make your lips shimmer, and make you look lovely!

Petroleum Jelly

4. Dry Skin Facial At Home

Have dry skin? You need not rush to the parlor anymore. Just whisk some egg yolk with gram flour, and add rose water to whip it together. Apply it on your face and wash it off after 15 minutes. Your skin will glow like a star, and the gram flour and rose water also take care of the egg odor.

Dry Skin Facial At Home

5. Oily Skin Home Routine

Use Fuller’s earth mixed with curd or rose water. Leave it on for 15 minutes, and wash your face with cold water. This instantly absorbs extra oil from the face and also helps control the oil secretion.

Apply Fullers Earth Face Mask

6. Instant Fairness With Natural Bleach

Squeeze some juice out of those oranges in the fridge. Mix these up with fresh cream and a pinch of turmeric. Whip this well to make a smooth paste, and apply on your face and neck completely. Let it dry for 15 mins, and rinse off with cold water. And feel amazed by the glow and fairness!

Facial and body bleach

7. Hair Conditioning At Home

Mixing henna with curd and coconut oil, and leaving it on for 30 minutes’ acts as the best ever conditioner, without leaving the comfort of home and rushing to the parlor.

Conditions Hair

8. Fast Dry Your Nail Polish

Before applying the nail polish, put some ice cubes in a bowl, and fill it up with cold water. Put your fingers in the bowl for about 30 seconds. Apply nail polish post this and again immerse your fingers in the bowl. This helps to dry the nail polish within a minute by solidifying it.

Apply your favorite shade of nail polish

9. Whiten The Elbows

Scrub a dried lemon on those elbows and watch them shine.

Brighten Up Your Discolored Elbows And Knees

10. How To Get Rid Of The Black Underarm Stubble

Mix some foundation that suits your skin tone with water, and apply it in the underarms’ area. Post this, use a powder puff, and apply loose talcum powder over the layer of foundation. And watch the blackishness from your underarms disappear!

Dark Underarms

11. Change Your Glossy Lipstick Into A Matt Finish One

Apply your gloss lipstick, press the lips over a tissue paper, and apply translucent powder. This will instantly give a matt finishing to your lipstick.

Velvet Matte lipstick Obsessed Orange

12. Homemade Lip Scrub

Mix sugar with baby oil and rub over your lips. This is the simplest and most effective lip scrub ever.

Scrub your lips

13. Sticky Hairpins

Tired of your hairpins falling off? Do not forget to spray them over with your hair spray after you wear them, and they will stay in place just fine.

hair spray

14. Manage With That Scarf

A bright scarf can beautify even the dull top you wearing, and make sure to have a bundle of those with you in your wardrobe.

Square scarf

15. Healing The Cracked Soles

Apply Vaseline overnight and wear socks while sleeping. This works like magic in helping to fill up those cracks, gets rid of dead skin and softens your foot soles.

cracked heels (2)

16. Remove The Skin Tan Instantly

Mix fuller’s earth with lemon extracts and sugar, and scrub over the parts from where you want to remove the tan. Works like a charm!

Relieve sunburn

17. Preventing Staining Of Skin While Coloring Hair

Make sure to apply petroleum jelly at the hairline junction with skin to prevent the skin staining.

Hair coloring

18. Fixing Broken Compact

Grind the pieces of broken compact into fine powder and then mix it with rubbing alcohol to make a paste. Fill up the paste back into your compact container and let it try. Eureka – you have your original compact back!

Get Broken Powder

19. Instant Party Look

Dab on some compact and add a line of eye shimmer. These are the two things that can instantly give you the party look.


20. Instant Volume To Hair

You wouldn’t believe how cornstarch can help here! Take some fine cornstarch and run it between your hair. Make sure to not dab it superficially to avoid white flakes. This gives an instant bounce and volume to the hair, and also helps to absorb extra oil. This is easily washed off as well during a shower.

Coconut Oil Volume Shampoo

21. Make Up Removal

Forget the chemical cleansing agents. After a day outside, remove your make up at night by dipping a cotton in cold raw milk. Watch how effectively it removes the makeup, while also conditioning your skin and giving it a soothing relief!

Removes makeup

22. Applying Mascara The Right Way

Next time you come across an old credit card, or any hard cardboard sheet, before throwing it away or cutting it up, remember it can do wonders to help you apply your mascara right. Place this card under your eyelashes and then apply the mascara, to prevent the black dabbing on the face.

mascara (2)

23. Getting Rid Of Under Eye Dark Circles

Use the dotted way to apply concealer. Apply few equally spaced dots of concealer under your eye, and then gently spread them and massage. This prevents smudging and instantly fixes those dark circles.

Banish dark circles

24. Fill Up The Eyebrows

Filling up the gaps in the eyebrows with an eyebrow pencil, makes them stand out, and instantly brightens up the face as a contrast. Well-groomed and arched eyebrows up the glam quotient by many points.

Eyebrow Filling

25. Instantly Cover Up Wrinkles

Soak a towel in hot water for few seconds. Apply the towel on your face and let it stay for around 20 seconds with the heat getting absorbed in. Post this, when you remove the towel, immediately apply and massage well with a moisturizing cream followed by foundation. The heat helps to open the pores pf the skin and the creams are better absorbed, giving a more even skin surface.


Hope these hacks will help you look fabulous every single day, even if you are too lazy to reach out for professional beauty help!

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