25 Best Stylish Braided Hairstyles For Women


25 Best Stylish Braided Hairstyles For Women

Hair can be tucked, or turned into stylish braids hairstyles, or fishtailed to make them look neat and attractive. A woman need not to go to a hair dresser to get these stylish hairstyles, these can be done at home… DIY (Do-it-yourself). You can also accessorize your hair with pins, beads, ribbons, bands, tuck-ins, or even wigs if you like.

Let us take a look at some fabulous hairstyles for women.

Here Are 25 Best Hairstyles For Women:

1.Using Hair Extensions

You can use hair extensions or wigs that can be clipped easily using directly or setting them heated tools. These are made from different material like acrylic fiber, etc. You can also buy artificial streaks if you are not interested in having highlights all over. You can have blonde looks, use jet black color, or even variations of brown. Colorful hairdos look trendy; you can try that if you wish too. You can also find hair extension kits in the market. International brands are worth buying.

Using Hair Extensions

2. Hair Bands

Apart from hair wigs, you can also try twisted hair pieces. These are so easy to wear and have elastic bands to adjust on your tress knots.

Hair Bands

3. Slip-in Comb Ponytail

Are you dancing diva, or you love doing aerobics every day? This flirting ponytail can be done in different styles, like high ponytail, high volume ponytail with puff, front crowned ponytail, or with midis.

Slip-in Comb Ponytail

4. Braids Hairstyles Chignon

Clip the ready-made braided Chignon that is almost like ready-made tress knots available in different styles, designs, and colors. Clip them anywhere on your hair. Choose wisely according to your dress or evening gown. These look superb with knee length dresses too.

Braids Hairstyles Chignon

5. Falling Hair

Do you like hair falling over your eyes or on sideways? Try interlocking combs to set your hair and let them fall wherever you want them to. Combine this style with a high volume ponytail to give a little sporty look.

Falling Hair

6. French Braid Bun

If you have naturally long hair, it is a good idea to get the French braided hair bun done. Women with long voluminous hair have this added advantage because they don’t need additional hair accessories or clip-up braids hairstyles to make their hair look attractive.

French Braid Bun

7. French Style Plate

French knots and French hair styles look fab on any women. Women with thin hair, women with short or long hair, or women with voluminous hair, they all look good with French hair styles. So, why not make a French hair style even in your daily routine to add some statement to your personality?

French Style Plate

8. Side Braided Plate

This will give a casual look, do it when you are going for a shopping or carry this style in your office. It looks simple and neat.

Side Braided Plate

9. French Braids Hairstyles Ponytail

This will look good to those who have broad face, big eyes and eye lashes and a broad forehead. It is a simple office hair up do or one to suit you forever.

French Braids Hairstyles Ponytail

10. High Positioned Hair Bun

I love this particular hair bun because I have thin but voluminous hair and I love tying them sometimes when I wish to wrap my bulky hair. Start rolling your hair from the top and round the bun adding layers and pin them up neatly. It is not only easy to carry but also comfortable when you are going out to pick your kids from school during that summer heat.

High Positioned Hair Bun

11. French Crown Braid

French and Dutch hairstyles for women are something that many of us love because of the way they tie up neatly and attractively. Seduce your boyfriend on a date with this French crowned braid.

French Crown Braid

12. Boxer French Braids

If someday you wish to keep away yourself from high puff ponytail while going for a workout, try this boxer French Braided plate that neatly ties each strand of your hair. Make sure you try this when next time you hit a gym.

Boxer French Braids

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13. Mini-French Braid

This looks apt on teens or young girls or even slim and tall women who usually like to keep their hair opened most of the time. Make a mini French braid at the back and let the remaining rest freely without tying them further.

Mini-French Braid

14. Pouf French Braid

Make a little French braid in place of crown to give you a cute look. It looks chic on women with short hair. This also allows you to keep away small hair on the top front side of your temple or head.

Pouf French Braid

15. Goddess French Braids Hairstyles

Women with short hair will look good with this style. It will look good on a bride or even on a bridesmaid and it’s a kind of a Halo like that of a Goddess. I personally like this style with a knee length one piece dress.

Goddess French Braids Hairstyles

16. Dutch Braid Tuck

Like French, Dutch braids hairstyles look chic too. Make a Dutch plate till end and then tuck it at the end with a pin.

Dutch Braid Tuck

17. Katniss Braid

The much preferred one and liked by many is this Katniss braid which is a simple Dutch braid starting from the top and then bringing it sideways towards your front shoulder. It looks too sweet and elegant with every outfit.

Katniss Braid

18. Dutch Braid Headband

Rather than buying those plastic, velvet or ribbon headbands for your hair, why not tie your hair like this. Start making a Dutch braid from the top side and bring it in the middle and pin it at the back or make it round from one side of your neck, then making a band over your head and ending it on the other side of your neck.

Dutch Braid Headband

19. Dutch Mermaid Braids Hairstyles

Let your hair romance with you; make a Dutch braid on one side of your hair and giving it a Mermaid look.

Dutch Mermaid Braids Hairstyles

20. Dutch Braided Crown

If you have got long voluminous hair, make a Dutch braided plate and make it like a Tiara or a crown at the neck of your head. It looks superb, isn’t it!

Dutch Braided Crown

21. Kim Kardashian Style

If I am not mentioning about this Kim Kardashian braided hair style, my article will be incomplete. She is quite famous for this style and in reality, it looks great indeed. This sweet lace braid must be tied tightly with small knots to give a fantastic look.

Kim Kardashian Style

22. Horseshoe Lace Braided Hairstyle

Whether you have got long hair or short hair, it can be carried easily. Just make a braid and wound it up at the back of your head falling towards your neck.

Horseshoe Lace Braided Hairstyle

23. Waterfall Hairstyle

Enough of the braids hairstyles and buns now! Let your hair be braided from one top end to another lower end and let the remaining hair flow giving it a waterfall effect. This looks good with Denim jackets or Denim shirts.

Waterfall Hairstyle

24. French Fishtail

Fish tail braids brought towards front look gorgeous with your evening gown with your back flaunting deep naked. Let all eyes be on you with this perfect combination of hairstyle and backless dress.

French Fishtail

25. Bohemian Side Braid

Try this Boho style that will keep the eyes of the men around you wide open. This braids hairstyle is a combination of French braid on top and a fishtail flirting with your neck. A must try!

Bohemian Side Braid

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