18 Amazing Essential Oils For Women’s Health


18 Amazing Essential Oils For Women's Health

Essential oils have become quite a rage nowadays especially since the day their effectiveness and use in the ancient times was well established. Essential oils are not just limited to the beauty domain and are equally good for overall health. Studies prove that essential oils are a great remedy for stress as well as pain. They can curb frequent hunger pangs and improve mood. Essential oils are also good for overall health of women. Women have to go through various taxing situations throughout their lives starting from pre menopause to post menopause. Essential oils can prove to be helpful in decreasing symptoms related to each stage. However, it is important that you inhale the right amount of essential oils as higher doses may also pose health risks. Here are some superb essential oils that every woman should use.

1. Clary Sage

With natural phytoestrogens in active form, clary sage essential oil is one of the best out there to combat all problems women face related to menstruation and menopause. Besides, its warm yet mellow scent relaxes you and uplifts your mood so that you can effectively tackle mood swings during menstruation and depression after pregnancy. However, it is not suggested for long term use by women suffering from fibroids. This particular essential oil is highly effective in reducing high blood pressure. It reduces stress levels and improves breathing rates. Besides, sage essential oil is well known for improving memory as well as attention power.

Clary sage

2. Chamomile

It has strong antispasmodic properties that relive menstrual cramps and decrease labor pains. Both Roman and German varieties of chamomile are emmenagogues that promote menstrual discharge and are really helpful for women suffering amenorrhea – a condition in which periods are scanty or nil. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties that soothe frayed nerves.


3. Tea Tree Oil

The best antibacterial essential oil out there, tea tree oil helps in fighting herpes, yeast infections and Cystitis. It also has antiviral as well as antiseptic properties. It stimulates hormonal secretions and improves blood circulation thereby reducing menstrual cramps. Its sudorific properties help your body get rid of harmful toxins which are a major cause of unbalanced hormones as well as acne.

Tea tree oil

4. Rosemary

One of the best natural ways to enhance your brainpower out there, rosemary essential oil enhances accuracy levels when you are performing demanding mental tasks. It has a refreshing scent that rejuvenates you from within after a day long work and keeps you mentally stimulated. It boosts energy levels and decreases fatigue among women.


5. Geranium

The exclusive flowery scent of this essential oil uplifts the mood and calms the nerves. It balances the overall nervous system. Geranium oil works wonderfully to maintain the body’s homeostasis. It balances the fluctuating hormones by stimulating adrenal cortex. As is known, most common women problems are a result of unbalanced hormones geranium can be recommended safely to all women. It helps with common PMS symptoms and enables you to cope with menopause symptoms. It aids in liver detoxification too.


6. Lavender

The misty and mild fragrance of lavender essential oil is a great natural remedy for PMS. It relaxes your nerves. It relieves much of the PMS symptoms such as depression and confusion. Its antispasmodic effect makes it effective against menstrual cramps as well as labor pains. It relieves migraine pain and cures insomnia as wells as anxiety. This oil is also an emmenagogue i.e. it treats scanty periods. It also helps you sleep better.


7. Myrrh

It has been used since ancient times to relieve all sorts of skin problems. But myrrh has extra properties that make it a great essential oil for women. It stimulates hormonal secretions, improves digestion, boosts blood circulation, and enhances thoughts. It is a great tonic for every organ of the body. It has carminative, anti-inflammatory and anti spasmodic properties – all of which relieve PMS symptoms.


8. Jasmine

It combats serious emotional problems that women face at different stages. It is a potent anti depressant. It is a well known uterine tonic and it not only tones but also strengthens the tissues of reproductive organs of women. It also possesses parturient properties that aids in inducing labor by aiding in contraction. Jasmine was used in ancient times for childbirth. When rubbed in lower abdomen, it strengthens contractions and minimizes pain so as to enable smooth labor. Jasmine oil, if applied topically, can cure skin conditions like eczema.


9. Frankincense

This particular essential oil is wildly popular as an emmenagogue as it helps with regular menstraul periods and fights fatigue, menstrual cramps, mood swings, depression and headache. It is a great mood lifter. It improves digestion and is also a great diuretic and fights nausea.


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10. Cinnamon

If you suffer from low focus levels, then cinnamon is your best friend. It enhances alertness, improves concentration and relieves you of frustration.


11. Lemongrass

This is a known galactagogue i.e. it enhances milk flow in nursing mothers. It also has excellent anti-inflammatory properties that help in fighting acne and pain arising due to inflammation. It fights digestive disorders. It fights both viral and bacterial infections.


12. Rose

This particular essential oil is good for your overall reproductive system as it strengthens it. It acts as a wonderful uterine tonic. It is an emmenagogue which makes it highly effective against irregular menses as it triggers menstruation by stimulating hormonal secretions. It is also an aphrodisiac and boosts libido in general.


13. Eucalyptus

This particular essential oil has excellent antimicrobial properties that prevent as well as cure infections such as thrush, vaginal pruritus, and leucorrhea.


14. Sweet Fennel

This essential oil contains compounds that behave in the manner of hormones and hence interact with those receptors that tend to have hormone identifying capability. In short, this oil has strong estrogenic properties. It is also helpful in treating problems associated with reproductive system. The emmenagogue properties of this essential oil maintains a healthy flow during periods and treats amenorrhea.

Sweet fennel

15. Sweet Marjoram

Sweet marjoram has strong antispasmodic properties and so it is effective against menstrual cramps. It relieves headaches as well as constipation that is a common symptom of pregnancy. It is also an emmenagogue that fights problems associated with amenorrhea.

Sweet marjoram

16. Orange

It efficiently decreases anxiety, one of the most common problems among women. It reduces stress hormones and thus relieves anxiety. It also improves mood which normally stays low among women experiencing PMS. It also minimizes stretch marks.


17. Bergamot

It has amazing antispetic properties that prevent several UTIs that are common among women. It treats yeast infection. It also helps fight depression. It is effective in combating water retention or nausea which is a common PMS and pregnancy symptom.


18. Peppermint

Prominently a stress reliever, peppermint essential oil decreases cortisol levels of the body. Cortisol is a stress hormone. Peppermint oil also reduces fatigue. If you have a sweet tooth, then smelling peppermint oil would actually relieve your cravings for sugar and chocolate.


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