17 Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Fat

All of us want to have attractive facial looks. Excess fat on our face often lowers our self-esteem. Ageing, genetics, excess consumption of alcohol, obesity and soft facial muscles are some of the causes that contribute to accumulation of fat on your face. However, shedding weight from a particular part of your body is not possible, until you work on your entire body. The only way to lose facial fat is to drop your overall percentage of body fat by following a regular exercise routine and proper nutrition. Other measures you will take to lose facial fat will show good result automatically when you will strive to lose your overall body weight.

Here Are 17 Ways To Get Rid Of Facial Fat

1. Change Your Food Habits

For losing body and facial fat, you need to make strict changes in your diet. consuming a wholesome diet containing fiber rich fresh fruits, veggies, whole grain, protein and calcium will not only help you lose weight, but will keep you energized and healthy. Eating fewer calories throughout the day will help your body use up fat as stored energy and you will lose weight not only on your body but face too. Avoid eating processed and refined flour foods like pasta, white bread, pizza burgers. Refrain from eating too much salty, sugary food. Salt compels your body to retain water that bloats your face. Similarly processed food with excess sugar will also cause face bloating. Reduce your caffeine intake. Eating nutritious snacks in between meals will help you to create a calorie deficit and burn more calories.

Green Vegetable

2. Physical Exercise

Changing your diet will be effective in losing body and facial fat, when accompanied by regular physical and facial exercise. Regular exercise, even if it is just walking for 20 minutes a day, will help to boost your metabolism, increase energy level, reduce overall fat and slim your face too. Strength training and cardio workouts will no doubt help to achieve your goal faster.


3. Facial Yoga And Exercises

To target your facial fat and eliminate them quickly, there are some facial yoga and exercises you must try for toning your face. These exercises will help to strengthen the facial muscles, tighten the sagging skin and make your face look slimmer. They are very simple and easy to perform.

Facial Yoga

4. Forward Stare

Open your eyes wide and constantly stare at a particular point for 10 seconds straight in front of your face. Repeat this 4-5 times to exercise your facial muscles, especially around the eyes.


5. Cheek Pressure

Take deep breath and hold the air for few seconds in your cheeks pressing your lips tightly and then push the trapped air to the other side of the cheek. Do this exercise several times a day at a stretch for at least 5 minutes. This exercise will help to lose fat from cheeks.

Cheek Pressure

6. Upward Blow

Looking upwards towards the ceiling, then blow air as hard as you can from your mouth. This exercise is exercise is very effective for strengthening the jaw line.

Upward Blow

7. Double Chin Workout

To rid double chin, stand or sit erect. Tilt your head towards the ceiling. Keep your eye fixed to the ceiling. Keep the lips tight. Hold it for 10 seconds and relax. Do it 10 times.


8. Smiling

Smiling is one of best exercises to tighten the cheeks and lose fat from face. Not only will it exercise your facial muscles but will also uplift your mood.


9. Keep Your Body Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water will not only keep your body fully hydrated but will also help to flush out toxins and reduce bloating in your face and over time your face will look slender.

Drink plenty of water

10. Get Enough Sleep

Body needs minimum eight hours of sleep to stay healthy. Many studies have found a link between weight gain and lack of sleep. Lack of sleep makes you feel tired and causes the facial muscles to sag.


11. Facial Massage

Facial massage is another way to tighten the skin. Massage will help enhance oxygen flow and blood circulation to the facial muscle and tone them.

Facial Massage

12. Steaming

Steaming is another way to reduce some fat from your face. You can put hot towel on your face after dipping it in warm water. Sweat will help to release toxins from the face and help plot reduce plumpness.


13. Chew Sugar-free Gums

Chewing sugar-free gums for 15-20 minutes is a good way to exercise your facial muscles and tone your face.


14. Makeup Tricks

Till the time you are struggling to do facial and physical exercise to have a slimmer appearance, there are different makeup tricks that you can use to create an illusion of a slender face. Cover the hollows of the cheeks and side of your nose with bronzing powder with a darker shade compared to your skin tone to make your face appear slimmer. Apply eye makeup like mascara, eye liner and eye shadow to emphasize your eyes to draw attention to your eyes rather than your full lips. Just apply plain gloss on your lips instead of using lipstick. Shape the eyebrows perfectly to make your face look slimmer.


15. Change Your Hairstyle

A good haircut is as effective as makeup to make your face look slim. The way you style your hair can make a lot of difference. Choose hairstyles that can hide the fat in your cheeks like short-cut hair with bangs. Ask your hair stylist which hair style will help to look your face slender. Choose most flattering hairstyle that will make your face look slim.


16. Apply Clay Mask

Application of clay mask once a week will help to tighten the sagging skin and firm up your face, making it look slimmer. Use natural organic clay to prepare clay mask to tone up your face.

 Apply Clay Mask

17. Quit Alcohol

Avoid drinking alcohol as it dehydrates the body and makes appear your face bloated.

Quit Alcohol

So, you can see that plastic surgery, liposuction and Botox are not the only way to lose facial fat. Lowering total body fat by regular exercise and following a healthy diet – combination of all these remedies will help to not only shed facial fat but also improve your overall health and personality.

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