17 Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Follow Right Away

Korean Beauty Secrets You Should Follow Right Away

Korean women are proud owners of matte flawless skin like no one in the world have. They do not owe their spotless radiant beauty only to the inheritance of healthy genes. Instead, their strict beauty regimen holds the main key. We can’t do much about the beauty they carry in their genes, but we can certainly take a cue from their beauty regimen to get spotless and flawless complexion that is envious and infectious. Thus, to help you have that dream skin, we have decoded 17 Korean beauty secrets exclusively for you. Thank us later.

First, Have A Quick Read And Start Following Them Right Away For Radiant And Long Lasting Beauty:

1. Cleanse Your Skin:

Korean women don’t jump to using a face wash right away. Instead, they use hydrating and oil based cleansers, one after the other, before using a face wash. It cools down the cells immediately. This makes them ready to absorb the goodness of the face wash to deep cleanse the pores without enlarging them.


2. Use Fruit Based Face Washes:

Rather than looking around for skin firming face washes, Korean women stick to using fruit based mild face washes. Stick to using strawberry face washes if you want to regain pinkish tint, and lemon based ones if you need to bleach spots, oil and acne.

Use Fruit Based Face Washes

3. Ice Your Face:

Rather than counting on spa treatments to refresh the skin every 15 days, Korean women focus of maintaining the skin’s pH daily. Icing the face every morning and night keeps their skin safe from inflammation, itching and heat strokes.

Ice Your Face

4. Scrub The Face:

Korean women prefer using oil based gentle everyday scrubs. This does not give sebum and dirt a chance to accumulate within the skin pores in the first hand itself. So, put your hand on a suitable mild daily scrubber, according to your skin type, right away.

Scrub The Face

5. Use Toners:

While we use moisturizers soon after washing our face or bathing, Korean women use toners before moisturizing. They prefer not keeping the pores open to anything. It keeps the pores safe from getting enlarged. Which is why, the texture of their skin stays smooth and non bumpy forever.


6. Use Blackhead Removers:

Korean women do not count on just daily scrubbing to ensure their pores stay clean. Instead, they use proliferating soft blackhead strips once a week. This gives a surety that even miniscule dirt particles aren’t getting laid within the skin secretly. And they use a toner right away.

Blackhead Removers

7. Use A Sunscreen:

You might be laughing this off, since you too have been using a sunscreen before stepping out in the sun, but what you need to know is Korean women prefer wearing a sunscreen even indoors. It works as a filter between the skin and the rays coming from tubelights and bulbs as well.


8. Use Pearl Based Serums:

Pearls are one major secret behind Korean flawless skin. Rather than using multiple products daylong to keep the skin fairer and soft, Korean women discovered it long back that pearl dust alone can bless the skin with all these benefits.


9. Use A Hydrating Essence:

Korean beauty regimen will never be complete without using a spray essence. Protein enabled and boosted essence, when applied soon after using a toner, strengthens collagen. And collagen holds skin cells tightly. Thus, this is an age defying extra korean beauty step.

Hydrating Essence

10. Use A Firming Vial Ampoule:

Have you been wondering why wasn’t your daily mask working wonders as promised in the labels? Well, now you know the answer. Korean women use an ampoule, to give their skin extra dose of hydration before using a mask.

11. Wear A Collagen Boosting Mask:

A collagen boosting face mask gives Korean women extra protection against sun and pollution induced skin aging. Their skin cells stay plump, since healthy collagen is strong enough and flexible enough to pack skin cells closely. This keeps wrinkles at bay.

Collagen Boosting Mask

12. Wear A Lip Mask:

Surprised that there exists a product called lip mask as well? Well, this is the product that keeps the lips of Korean women pink. It ensures that their lips do not darken under the impact of sun. Lip mask offers proper exfoliation by getting rid of chapped layers and hydrating the lips so that they do not develop lip lines.

Lip Mask

13. Use Makeup Remover:

While us all use a makeup remover every time we wear makeup, Korean women use it daily. The simple logic is, sunscreens and other products too need to be removed before going to bed in order to give night serums a chance to penetrate properly.

Makeup Remover

14. Use Day And Night Serums Separately:

For us, serums are serums. For them, day serums are different from night serums. This is because, the skin’s needs during day are completely different from what it needs at night. They use fairness serums during day time and rejuvenating serums at night. Thus, their pH stays undisturbed.

 Day And Night Serums Separately

15. Moisturize Your Skin:

This wouldn’t have ideally been a Korean beauty secret had they not been changing it according to the weather conditions. Skin needs different level of hydration and moisturization during summers, winters and monsoons. While we stick to using our one lovely brand and vary its frequency according to weather, Korean women switch to ideal moisturizers.

 Moisturize Your Skin

16. Use Eye Serums:

Not all serums are same for them, like mentioned. They prefer using a water or gel based eye serum under and above the eyes to relax and pamper the delicate eye skin cells. This keeps the eye skin soft, and reduces the chances of dark circle formation.

Eye Serums

17. Use An Emulsion Night Lotion:

Korean beauty regimen ends with using an emulsion over their night face and eye serum. Emulsion is a thicker form of day moisturizers. It better moisturizes the skin layers and keeps the sebaceous glands under control. This reduces the chances of extra oil formation. This keeps the skin safe from acne breakout, and leaves it moisturized.

 Emulsion Night Lotion


Remember, good things never come easy. You need to earn them with hard work. Similarly, ideal spotless skin does not appear overnight. keep patient with these strict korean beauty secrets, until they start reaping their magical benefits.

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