16 Tools That You Need In Your Nail Art Kit

It is difficult to go to the parlor regularly to groom your nails to keep them clean and properly maintained. If you are a working person and your schedule is very hectic to visit the parlor you may like to do your nail art yourself with the help of some very simple tools. The cuticle pusher, top coat, polich remover and nail file etc are the simple tools to do your nails. You are ready for a manicure.

1. Matte Topcoat:

Maintain your nails shorter. Matte nail polish is likely to chip off earlier than the cream polishes and so longer nails tend to get glitched faster. Keeping your nails trimmed will help you to maintain your manicure last for a longer period of time. Layer the matte polish with a matte top coat. Matte topcoat is an outstanding brief way to show off the glitter free fashion. For longer lasting appearance you must use a polish and a matte topcoat to finish it off.

Matte Topcoat

2. A Nail Polish Correcting Pen:

A nail polish corrector pen helps you correct any flaws of application around the nail bed and give the nail polish a clean and professional finishing touch. A nail polish erasing pen will help do it and it has a preciseness regarding the tip of the pen that is soaked in the polish remover and used to correct a mistake adjacent to the sides of the nails with ease.

A Nail Polish Correcting Pen

3. Glitter Nail Polish Remover Sponge:

Glitter nail polish is a trendy way to present your nails and youngsters love the look that sparkles and shimmers. When it is time to remove the glitter nail polish it is the most difficult time as it is a messy clean up of huge chunks of polish from your nails. Though you wrap your nails with cotton pads with the polish remover it gets messed up with a lot of remover dripping and the place is full of cotton balls and glitter that won’t come off the nails with ease. The remover soaked sponge is a new way to remove glitter polish with ease. It is cased in a huge tub and lets all the five fingers in simultaneously inside the small slots of the sponge. You have to keep your nails with cream, pearl and matte polishes for one minute before cleaning it off and two minutes for the glitter.

litter Nail Polish Remover Sponge

4. Nail Repair Formula:

If you love to use artificial nails regularly or if you get gel nail polish application on your nails the nails will soon get dry and brittle. It is better to give your nails a break for a week to be on themselves naturally and then apply a nail formula during the night that will help to restore and condition the nails to a good and robust condition when you are nail polish free.

Nail Repair Formula

5. Striping Tape:

A striping tape will give a bang and glitz to any manicure. The striping tape comes in various colors and cessations. It will aid you to be innovative in doing your nail art and it is sure to get heads turn. You can create basic stripes design or a very elaborate and trendy design with the striping tapes and it can always be a new design that will stand out in the crowd. Apply a clear basic coat of nail polish and dry it perfectly. Make sure the design you want. Roll out the strip on your nail gently pressing it as you place it. Leave required tape on the side of the finger as a mooring. Then cut off the excess tape with a scissors. After cutting clear of the strips aplly a top coat of clear nail polish to seal the design.

Striping Tape

6. Transfer Foils:

Keep your nails clean and dry and then brush on the nails the agglutinant gingerly and uniformly. Let the agglutinant get dry completely. Don’t finger the agglutinant even after it dries up. Cut the foil to the required length and press on the nails with the glossy side up. Smooth out the whole surface of the piece of foil and slowly peel off the acetate aegis and apply a top coating to the nails. Do not apply top coats dragging the brush replicating. Apply in a single stroke and let dry and then apply more top coat before adding nail embellishments. You must use transfer foil agglutinant lightly and let dry prior to applying transfer foil.

Transfer Foils

7. Dotter Tool:

A dotter tool is used to make tiny or large dots on the nails and is also used to fashion circles in a series. It helps to create flawless tiny or huge dots in no time. It looks pretty and is the favorite among all age groups. Nail art enhances the appearance of your nails and give it a special feeling and appearance.

Dotter Tool

8. Striper Brush:

Striper brush is available in all beauty source shops. If you don’t have it in your place then you may use a thinnest brush that is used to paint. The tiny paint brush aids in creating very minute lines and can intricate details. If you are using one brush and applying many colors for the nails then you must clean it thoroughly with nail polish remover after dipping into one color and utilizing it.

Striper Brush

9. Loose Glitter:

Use one coat of matte topcoat. When the base is dry completely use a piece of tape and hit lightly on the posterior of your hand to make it less gummy. Apply it on the nail diagonally. Apply a thin coat of clear nail polish and remove the tape at once. Take the required glitter and sprinkle on the nail. You may also use a glitter injector. Tap down the glitter with the fan brush and let it to dry. Now slowly use the brush to take off the excess glitter using a fan brush.

Loose Glitter

10. Studs:

If you like to have significant 3-D embellishments on the nails colored crystal domes, iridescent shavings in the nail kit, stash tiny studs and metallic circles are the ones that you can buy from your craft shops in your locality.


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