15 Top Benefits Of Incorporating Quinoa In Your Diet

15 Top Benefits Of Incorporating Quinoa In Your Diet

Quinoa is basically an edible seed eaten similarly as grains. It is exceptionally a nutritious food and belongs to the family of Swiss chard, beets and spinach. Though not a member of the grain family, its incredible nutrient-density makes it one of the healthiest super foods one can eat and enjoy its numerous health benefits. Quinoa has been used as a staple food for centuries in South America, but it has become popular and trendy around the world just few years ago. Now it has reached the super food status.

Quinoa is available in three different types like red, white and black and is super easy to cook and incorporate in your diet. Quinoa is the best wheat-free alternative to starchy grains. You can find quinoa and products made out of it all over the world in health food stores. Quinoa is loaded with protein, vitamin and minerals. The nutrients found in quinoa have been linked to numerous health benefits.

Here Are 15 Proven Health Benefits Of Quinoa:

Best Plant Based Protein Source For Vegetarians

Protein contains amino acids. Not all plant food contains all nine essential proteins. Many plant foods are deficient in amino acids like Lysine. But quinoa is one such food that contains all nine essential amino acids that we need and is regarded as complete protein. It contains more quality protein than any other grains and is the best protein source for vegetarians.

Quinoa Protein Source For Vegetarians

High In Fiber

Quinoa is high in fiber more than most other grains. We all know how important fiber in our diet is. It relieves constipation and keeps our digestive system healthy. It contains 17-27 grams of fiber in just 1 cup of uncooked quinoa.

Aids Digestion

Rich In Magnesium

Magnesium is an important mineral that helps to relax blood vessels, control blood sugar level, and prevent osteoporosis and heart diseases. Other important functions that magnesium performs is that it regulates the body temperature, controls nerve impulses, helps in detoxification, aids in forming healthy bone and teeth and boosts energy production. Just one full serving of quinoa can provide one third amount of magnesium your body needs.

Detoxify Your Body

High In Iron

When we are deficient in iron, our body is unable to make adequate healthy red blood cells which carry oxygen from one cell to another and supply oxygen to our brain and muscles and also aid in their contraction. Iron is also need for regulation of body temperature, neurotransmitter synthesis and for energy production. If you are suffering from iron deficiency, then quinoa can be good and tasty option than taking iron supplement. In just a cup of quinoa, you will get 15% of your daily iron needs.

Fights Fever

Very High In Antioxidants

Quinoa contains significant amount of flavonoids. The potent plant antioxidant like Quercetin and Kaempferol contained in it can help to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and inflammatory conditions like arthritis. The antioxidant content increases further when seeds sprout. By adding quinoa in your diet, you will increase the intake of these important nutrients.


Contains Lysine

One particular amino acid that many protein foods lack is Lysine. It helps to strengthen the immune system and is needed for tissue growth and repair. Eating quinoa during cold and flu season can help to protect against these diseases. Research claim that lysine can help to elevate serotonin level and help you stay relaxed and calm. Start eating quinoa to support your immune system to function well.

Colds And Flu

High In Riboflavin

Quinoa is also high in riboflavin – a part of B vitamins which is needed for oxygen delivery to the entire body and many other bodily functions. Quinoa is a good source of this important vitamin.

oxygen delivery to the entire body

Rich In Manganese

The deficiency of manganese causes high cholesterol, high blood pressure and neurological problems and many other health conditions. Quinoa is also a good dietary source of manganese. Making it a part of your diet can reduce the risk of the above mentioned health conditions; because quinoa provides almost half of the required amount of manganese in just one serving.

neurological problems

Quinoa Is Naturally Gluten-free

If you are searching for naturally gluten-free products for as a dietary option, then quinoa is a good option. Quinoa is not a grain but a seed that is naturally gluten- free. Incorporating quinoa into your diet will not only help you to stay gluten-free but will also increase the nutritional value of your diet.

Treats Gluten Free Disorders

Low On The Glycemic Index

The glycemic index Quinoa has is around 53, which is considered low. So it can help to stabilize your blood sugar. It is good dietary option for diabetics. The foods with high glycemic index spikes blood sugar levels, stimulates hunger and increases the risk of obesity.


Help You Lose Weight

Quinoa is high in protein and fiber. It can support your weight loss effort by boosting your metabolism and reducing your appetite.

Helps To Lose Weight

Lowers Cholesterol

Because of its high fiber content quinoa can help to lower cholesterol level. You can incorporate this nutrient rich foods in your daily diet and reduce the amount of medication you take to lower your cholesterol level.

Lowers Cholesterol

Lowers High Blood Pressure

Quinoa is a very appetizing fiber rich food. It has a very nice flavor which you can mix with any other food and enjoy while keeping your blood pressure in check.

High Blood Pressure

Keeps Blood Sugar Level Stable

Adding quinoa to your diet will help you keep your blood sugar level stable without compromising with your taste buds. There are hundreds of recipe you can make using quinoa.

Diet and maintain your blood sugar level

Can Be Used For Treating Skin Problems

While processing quinoa, the saponins are removed from it which is reused as antiseptic. This feature is somewhat like aloe which is used both way for eating or treating the skin.

Skin Itching

Eating this nutrient-dense versatile super food will help you stay fit and healthy.

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